REVIEW: Busted by Glenn Gamble (@GlennGamble)

Between cross-country practice, playing poker and running a high-stakes gambling operation, and keeping the NCAA committee at arm’s length, Jim Money has a full schedule. No problem, Jim is young, smart, ambitious and operates on Red Bull and dedication. He’s making money, puts his friends on payroll, and life is great.


Officer Jack Seal walks into Jim’s illicit operation.

Jim Money is BUSTED.


Officer Seal makes no arrests. Instead of calling for backup, he goes in with Bill and Thomas –two hard men who don’t share their last names and who aren’t on the police force. They decide that its more profitable to play both sides of the law and extort the college kid in exchange for a get out of jail free card.

A few days ago, I received and e-mail asking me to feature this free Kindle book here on Pure Textuality. So, I decided to give it a read. This was my first time reading anything by Glenn Gamble. I was not familiar with the Jim Money books but it sounded like an interesting story. It took me approximately a day to get through reading when I could. However, if you were to sit down and read it end to end, it would probably take a few hours tops.


I was pretty impressed with this book. Enough so that I will most definitely be reading more in the series. The story line is solid and the characters are complex. I am afraid of giving away too much detail so I dont want to get too far into the book. The only thing I can think of to give you all an idea of comparison would be Rounders. If you’ve ever seen the movie Rounders, then you understand the type of “game” Jim runs and the dangers if can pose.


My only complaint for this book is at times, the dialog seems a little over done. I found that I’d be in the middle of reading a conversation and the dialog seemed like it was there as fluff filler rather than meaningful conversation. However, this was not the case through the entire book. Just an occasional problem.


Overall, this was a good book with a fast paced storyline. I give Busted 3.5 stars!

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