REVIEW by @GinnyLurcock: Haunted (Caged Series #2) by Amber Lynn Natusch (@amberlnatusch)

I cowered away from him, unable to formulate a coherent sentence. Questions ran through my mind though none made it past my lips. I wondered how this could be happening, what he wanted, and what major injustice I’d brought against the universe in this life or another to bring a fate such as this upon me.
Perhaps being born was reason enough.
After his near death experience only months earlier, Cooper’s behavior is rapidly deteriorating.
So what does Ruby do? She adds a new roommate into the mix.  When her friend Ronnie is abruptly called away for a family emergency, Ruby takes in Peyta, Ronnie’s highly intelligent and overly observant teenage daughter. With an increasingly unstable Cooper in the house, Ruby fears for Peyta’s safety.
But when Peyta’s behaviors become as perplexing as Cooper’s, Ruby finds herself juggling a series of lies to ensure their safety as well as her own.
Then the balls, and the bodies, start dropping…
Which is totally frustrating and completely baffling what with her being a fictional character who lives in another author’s head… and if she was omnipotent it would make for a really shitty book… but still.  It’s really hard to review this book without giving anything away, but I’ll give it my best effort. 
I love Ruby.  I love that she’s standing up for herself, that she never caves, and that she refuses to give up on the people she loves.  She’s a fighter, she’s scrappy, and she’s perfect because of it.  Ok, she does run from her problems sometimes, but those usually involve Sean and seriously, F that guy.  Well not literally, figuratively.  There must be something wrong with me as a reader though, because normally I hate it when the heroine swoons over the man she loved that wronged her and takes him back without pause, but when Ruby doesn’t do this with Sean, I get grumpy.  Or perhaps it was just my strung out reader hormones who after these two books and a series of young adult novels screaming “FOR GOD’S SAKE, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET IT ON ALREADY?!?”  It’s hard to tell now. 
In the long run I was happy that Ruby didn’t just go “you’re back! I forgive you!  Let’s get horizontal and do the no pants dance.”  I would’ve been really mad later in the novel if she had.  I won’t say why, but remember that point in the last book where Sophie said she and Sean were bonded?  And oh yeah… that makes Sean scum for telling another woman she was his.  He has no right to try and keep her for himself while he’s not really able to be with her.  Also, I really wanted Ruby to be all “I’m sorry, and when was the last time you two got your freak on?”  Seriously, I dislike Sean.  And Sean doesn’t make Scarlet howl as it were so it’d never really work.  Ruby should focus on that.  Ok, so my review turned into a rant on the mating practices of werewolves and the men who hunt them… sorry…
Obviously I love Ruby.  I love Cooper, even when he is erratic, and I just kept wanting to go “oh poor baby” and cuddle him.  I loved Peyta, and even though I had a decent idea what was going on, I was surprised to find out that while I had the essence of the what I didn’t have the who, how, or why
I love Matty, and felt so bad because he obviously likes Ruby and she doesn’t see it.  Can’t wait for more of him.  I’m skerred of Ronnie, and her revelation at the end… blows my mind.  She’s up to something, and I can’t wait to see what.
My major complaint?  The mystery that’s never solved (because it’s setup for the next book, a book that isn’t out yet…)  
Well, that and that Sean still has a face. 5 cuddly werewolves out of a possible 5 cuddly werewolves.
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