COVER REVEAL: Joseph Lallo's 'Jade' Got A New Cover And A New Price! (@jrlallo)

Joseph Lallo, my very first interview victim here on Pure Textuality, e-mailed me the other day to give me the heads up that Jade’s makeover is complete!  He wrote a guest post for me a while back called Icing On The Cake: The Value of Good Artwork, regarding the imprtance of a good cover for your book.  His post came on the heels of his own quest to give his covers a rehaul.

Shown above is the original cover for Jade.  Although it’s a nice cover, it’s not that eye catching.  Read on to see the new cover!

Here is the new cover for Jade!

What a difference, huh??? 
Well, to celebrate Jade’s new look, Josaph has also posted the book for $0.99!!! 

I have not had the pleasure of reading Jade yet (it’s in my pile, I assure you!).  However, I have read and reviewed The Book of Deacon and The Great Convergence.  I am also in the process of reading the final book in that trilogy, The Battle of Verril.  It’s just taking me some time because I am reading it in between review commitments.  So stay tuned for that review!  🙂
In the meantime, check out Jade!  Click here to get your Kindle copy of Jade!

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