INTERVIEW by Heather: Jill Shalvis, Author of ‘Lucky in Love’ (@JillShalvis , @_Shoe_Girl_)

As part of her blog tour to promote the release of Lucky In Love, Jill Shalvis has taken a moment to stop by and speak with our very own Heather for a quicky interview.




Here’s what she had to say!


Heather of Pure Textuality [Heather]:  If you were stuck on a deserted island and could bring books by only two authors, what authors would you choose?


Jill Shalvis [Jill]:  JD Robb so she could keep telling me stories of Roarke, and Janet Evanovich so she could keep telling me stories of Ranger …



Heather:  If you had to trade lives with a character from one of your books, which character would it be?  Why?


Jill:  Definitely Mallory Quinn from LUCKY IN LOVE, so that I could have sexy ex-SEAL Ty Garrison for myself.



Heather:  If you weren’t a successful writer/mother, what would you be?


Jill:  A librarian, so that I could sit and read books all day …



Heather:  Last question.  Paper books, or ebooks?


Jill:  ebooks.  I’m sorry, yes I’ve given up “real” books for the convenience of holding 400 of my favorite books in my purse.  🙂




Thanks again to Jill for taking the time to pop into Pure Textuality for a chat.


Stay tuned for the Lucky in Love Giveaway starting in about an hour!!!

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