REVIEW by Ginny: The Bewitching Tale of Stormy Gale (Stormy Gale #2) by Christine Bell – Released 05-28-2012 (@_ChristineBell , @puretextuality )

London, 1841

There I was, retired from time pirating, enjoying a full if somewhat conventional life as a wife and mother. Then a chance encounter with a stranger drew me back into a world I’d thought I’d left, quite literally, in the past. From his odd behavior and even odder answers to my questions, I knew Phineas Grubb was up to something. I should have trusted my instincts—before he pulled out a time-travel mechanism and dragged my brother, Bacon, back with him…

Salem, 1698

The infamous Witch Trials may have ended a few years earlier, but the people of Salem are still pretty touchy about outsiders that appear in town as if by magic. Thanks to Grubb, my brother’s been accused of witchcraft and thrown in jail. Now it’s up to me and my husband, Dev, to save Bacon’s bacon before the hysteria starts up again, and the course of history is altered forever…

I finished this book yesterday, and I’m struggling with the review for it.

I think it’s because this edition to the Stormy Sage was… different. Not in a bad way, but still. I don’t always like change, especially when that change takes the form of Stormy being vulnerable. So vulnerable and raw and exposed that it leaves you feeling the same way. Or perhaps that’s just me. Perhaps it’s just because I recognize something of myself in her. Or something I want to be anyways.

You watch her struggling in her relationship with Dev and with Bacon. She’s off kilter, and the men who she depend on to toe the line are struggling right back. They’re making her grow. They’re making her be a better person. It’s good, but it’s also a bit hard to read in places. I kept wanting to hug Stormy and tell her that everything would be ok. She doesn’t have to change if she’s not ready. I love her just the way she is.

Of course, this would’ve stunted her… which is why Dev and Bacon are with her and not Ginny. (though if you wanted to write me in Ms. Bell, I would not be offended)

Ok, so little known fact about me… I love the history of Salem. So throwing my batter and bruised beloved Stormy into post-witch hunt Salem was a balm to my frazzled nerves. Add in a character who reminded me of the “mother” from Tangled and I was all in.

As I said earlier, this is a big growth book for all our characters. Stormy is learning to let people in. Dev is learning not to let Stormy push him away. Bacon is learning how to be a man. And I’m learning what is sure to be an awesome set up for a third installment.

Please? I promise to feed it and walk it and take care of it!

4 stars, all the way. Another fun short excursion, but this time with some crunchy personal growth to break up the smooth chocolate Stormy goodness.

And now I want a candy bar.

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