REVIEW by Ginny: Lord of the Black Isle (Black Douglas #3) by Elaine Coffman – Released June 5th, 2012 (@puretextuality )


David Murry, Earl of Kinloss, never wanted to be the laird. But the title is thrust upon him, and now the well-being of his clan weighs heavily on his shoulders. He has never felt so alone, until a beautiful healer from another time is brought to the Black Isle…


When Dr. Elisabeth Douglas is thrown back into time to sixteenth-century Scotland, she decides to use her modern medical knowledge to save lives. In a time when a healer may be accused of witchcraft, she must keep her secret closely guarded, especially from David, whose uncanny curiosity could destroy them both.

I should have known how this would turn out when about 10 pages in there was a 17 page dialogue about how this dude was bathing naked and he was glorious and isn’t that just the bees knees and I should feel guilty for watching him but I don’t because he’s handsome and look at those muscles play and I shouldn’t be watching but I am so I’ll tell myself that I’m a bad girl for watching…

I actually banged my head against the desk.

But I kept reading it… because it has to get better. Right?


Honestly, I think this book could’ve been cut in half and you wouldn’t notice the difference. OR! They could’ve filled that page count with actual character development. Instead you get ramblings, conflicting emotions, and sex scenes that don’t make sense. In one I’m pretty sure they were in the garden and she was hugging him, then a page later he was walking around his desk to grab her and throwing her against a bookshelf. I’m sorry, but outside is a weird place to put an office. I think I read that section 4 times, and in the end it still didn’t make sense. Not only that, but he said “Come here” and then there was an entire kindle page worth of pontificating before he said “Come here” again so I kept thinking I was stuck. I kept trying to move East, but there I was looking at “Come here” again.

And for god’s sake, was he ever wearing a kilt? I don’t think the word kilt was mentioned once, and isn’t that why we read highlander romance?

(Speaking of, here’s a token of appreciation for reading this review. A favored folk song I remember from my childhood. Use headphones if you’re at work.)

1.5 stars. I did finish it in one night, but that was thanks to insomnia. Insomnia I’m not entirely sure this book didn’t cause.

(I’m making a lot of scoffing noises, and throwing my hands up. You should probably reread and interject those as you see fit.)

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