REVIEW by Ginny: Holliday by Nate Bowden (@puretextuality )

Tombstone is a city as bleak as its name suggests and for most, life depends on the gun kept in their waistband. When Doc Holliday, a gambler with twisted morals and a deadly reputation, arrives, his presence upsets a fragile balance in the fractured urban center. The gunman and his allies are a threat to the ruling powers and eventually the long simmering tension boils over. Deception surrounding Holliday and a gruesome double homicide serves as the catalyst for war.

I should not be allowed to write reviews when I have a migraine. Why, you ask? Because when I was stuck on how to review Holliday I, for some reason, decided to peak at what other people were saying. Instead of reviewing the merits of the comic, I ended up writing a rant about how people for some reason don’t know that Doc Holliday was a real man and are saying this is a modern adaptation of “Tombstone”

I’m better now though, so I’ll give a review a whirl.

“Holliday” is a gritty modern take on the legend of infamous criminal/gunslinger/dentist Doc Holliday. (Can I just throw in here how awesome it is to type “criminal/gunslinger/dentist”?) Instead of the wild west we have the inner city streets. Instead of the “consumption” (actually tuberculosis) he died of, Doc is suffering from HIV. With those two changes in place, I’ve gotta say guys, it totally stands up. People straddling the line between right and wrong is timeless. Exchanging cowboys, lawmen and rustlers for gang members and police was seamless.

The panels are black and white (mostly black) and are rough. REALLY rough. Like slashing pen and smudged in places rough. But I really feel it’s all intentional. I mean, the harsh edges of the art just add to how harsh the story is. I still didn’t love it, but I understood and respected it.

“Holliday” rates a 4 in my book. Gritty, fast paced, and highly entertaining. I just wasn’t totally in love with the art.

Note: It was a 3.5, but I keep thinking about how great the ending was and changed it.

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