REVIEW by Ginny: Channel Zero by Brian Wood (@brianwood , @puretextuality )

Special interest groups have bullied the government into passing the Clean Act, effectively killing freedom of speech and silencing the country into submission. TV and God become one and the same as America wages its own holy war against its citizens. Meet Jennie 2.5, media slut turned info-terrorist, out to save the country from itself, and restore free will and self expression. Hailed internationally as ground-breaking work in the field of sequential art, Channel Zero challenges and tests the limits, combining current events and no-future shock into a dark, paranoid, deep-ambient visual narrative.

Allow me to reveal my thoughts as reading this book:

Oh it’s kind of like “Hackers” meets “Fahrenheit 451”
*reads a bit more*
Meets “Tank Girl”
*reads a bit more*
Meets Aeon Flux.

All those things up there, I really like those things. As a result, I really feel like I should have liked this more. I feel like as a member of my generation, I am obligated to like this book… and yet…

The art is great. Black and white, featuring common advertising and slogans it makes a statement The plot was and still is relevant. We’re very much a consumer and TV focused culture. One that can be ruled by special interest groups who claim moral outrage. All I’m saying is that I felt like it didn’t live up to its potential. Which is oddly fitting since I think that’s the motto for this graphic novel’s target audience.

I wanted it to move me. I wanted it to take root in my brain and not let go. And it just… it just didn’t. Though I can’t help but feel that if I’d read it in ’98 when it was first released, it would’ve blown my mind.

3.5 Stars. Stunning art and hints of nostalgia.

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