REVIEW by Ginny: The Guild: Knights of Good (The Guild #2) by Felicia Day – Release Date July 4th, 2012 (@feliciaday , @puretextuality )

Set before the first season of the show, these hilarious stories delighted fans and newbies alike and introduced plots that influenced the show itself, including season 5’s backstory of Tink, originally hinted at in these pages. Featuring a huge variety of comics’ best artists as well as many of the talents key to the web series, and leading directly to the moment Zaboo unexpectedly appears at a startled Codex’s front door in episode 1, this collection comprises a true “season 0” ofThe Guild! Collects the one-shots The Guild: Vork, The Guild: Tink, The Guild: Bladezz, The Guild: Clara, and The Guild: Zaboo.

I am a bit of a Felicia Day fangirl. This is probably no surprise to anyone who’s met me for more than 30 seconds, but I felt like saying it anyways. So when I saw The Guild volume 2 ARC up on Netgalley I snapped it up without a moment’s hesitation. I have really got to stop doing that. Now I’m in the awkward place where I have to admit that I didn’t love something Felicia Day did with all my heart. I mean, I liked it, but it’s not warming the cockles of my heart.

First off the art freaked me more than a little bit. I mean, these are the comic renditions of people I’ve watched for 5 seasons now. The art did not do them justice. Best example: Clara. Robin Thorsen is adorable. Seriously adorable. Like to the point where I have a girl crush on her. Comic Clara reminds me of a baby doll. You know, the ones that you know are supposed to be cute, but there’s just something off and it unsettles you. Right before the doll stabs your eyes out.

Second the story lines were already either alluded to or discussed in detail in the show. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a tone of new ground to be broken, but something more would’ve been nice. Like a story that didn’t involve the comic version of Bladezz making that modeling face. *shudder*

That’s not to say that it was bad though. I mean, it was still Felicia Day and the Guild, how could it have been bad? I’m just saying that it could’ve been better.

3.5 stars… and a broken heart. Now Ms. Day and I will never be best friends and have slumber parties and braid each other’s hair… ALL MY DREAMS ARE RUINED!

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