REVIEW by Tynisha: The Dead I Owe by Julie Ann Michaels (@JulieAMichaels , @ParaItchReviews )

Destined for greatness in the corporate world, Olivia Dahl’s only regret is that an ideal love life eludes her. After crossing paths with the irresistible vampire, Benjamin Ward, Olivia is propelled into the middle of a demon invasion and forced to rely on the vampire that took her life. Olivia fights to save the city from being overrun by demons while resisting her unyielding attraction to Benjamin.

Together, can they stop a demon invasion? Can Olivia learn to forgive the Vampire that changed her life forever?

In a world of vampires, demons, and heady revelations, Olivia struggles to find new purpose.

This was a great and fast paced read! I recieved this from the author and the blurb looked good enough to give it a go. Boy am I glad I did!

After a date with Mr.Wrong, Olivia’s sick of being alone. But finding “The One” is not as easy as she thought. Meeting the sexy Benjamin after her unimpressed date gives her hope that there are some great guys out there, unfortunately when she wakes up the next morning she realizes Benjamin has turned her into a vampire then she’s thrust into a war between the vamps and demons! A chance meeting with Olivia and never in his wildest dreams did he intend for her to be his progeny. All he wanted to do was get some nookie and some blood and be on his merry little way but he never intended on enjoying her company then losing control. Now he’s got a sexy, foul mouthed and headstrong, baby vampire to take care of along with a war between Demons and Vampires. Him and those of his brethren are the only ones who stand in the way of Demons enslaving humans and becoming a scourge of the earth. Demons drink the blood of humans as well but the problem is, thats its an addiction to them and they almost always kill their victims, whereas vampires need humans to survive so they tend not to kill their victims. There’s change erupting in the underworld, the heir to the throne is hiding in the human realm and the current ruler of the Demons is after her and wants her dead so he can continue to rule. Unfortunately she believes she is human and since her powers have yet to emerge she’s a sitting duck until that happens. Now its up to Olivia and Ben to find her and protect her before the Demons get to her because she’s the only one who can stop the Demons from crossing over into the human realm. The problem is…when she realizes who she is, will she want to close the gates and stop them from taking over the human realm?

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this read and am eagerly anticipating the next book in this series! I recommend this to all Paranormal Romance fans!

4 Stars

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