REVIEW by Ginny: The Legendary Playboy Surgeon (Heartbreakers of St. Patrick’s Hospital) by Alison Roberts – Released Today!

The man behind the reputation

Connor Matthews has to be the only surgeon ever to ride his motorbike into the E.R.! And Dr. Kate Graham is determined to disapprove, even if it made a sick little boy’s dream come true.

Connor’s love-’em-and-leave-’em reputation is hospital legend, so Kate’s steering well clear. Although, Connor’s sinful sexiness is coming critically close to cracking the shield around Kate’s fragile heart.

This book promised to be the most absurd thing I’d read in a long, long time.  It had such potential to be an utterly horrid book that I would clutch to my bosom and cherish.

It fell short.  Really, really short.

First, the book was written well.  Well, at least in a technical sense.  Which doesn’t make sense at all.  (Following along?  Because I’m not and I’m the one driving this train wreck)  What I mean to say is that this book was lacking all the technical writing flaws that make stories jarring and impossible to read.

Now, I want you to take in the cover, blurb, and title.  Really take them in.  Inhale them, roll around in them, make them a part of yourself.  Done?  Ok, good.  Tell me, how can something that all over silly be written well in a technical sense?  I still don’t know and I read the damn thing.

The plot?  Well it is also not absurd.  Aside from the one rolling a motorcycle into a kid’s ward incident it’s positively plain.  It’s just two people trying to figure out why they’re attracted to their polar opposites.  Oh, and struggling with the skeletons from their respective closets that come out and play at the sight of relationships.

See, both Connor and Kate have issues.  Serious issues.  But there is one issue that kind of takes the issue cake.  It’s the issue cited several times in the book… and they never talk about it.  I cannot put into words how much that irked me.

Still, even with its faults, it earns a solid 3 stars.  Solid in the sense that they’re like shredded wheat.  It’ll fill you up, but not in the same taste bud satisfying way of something like multi-grain Cheerios.

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