REVIEW by Ginny: Troll Hunters by Michael Dahl – Released Today!

Evil and danger rumbles under the earth. Follow the adventures of a group of contemporary teenagers who discover that their town, and ultimately the entire world, is under attack by fierce creatures from deep beneath the earth. These creatures were known to the earliest humans as trolls or goblins, but they are much more dangerous than their fairy-tale versions. The teens make unlikely allies along the way, including a half-man, half-troll, as well as some legendary constellations that quite literally come to life. The young heroes will also discover their own untapped celestial abilities in an epic battle between good versus evil.


Ever notice that sometimes kid’s books are terrible downers?  No seriously…  Look at “Charlotte’s Web” or “Watership Down.”  Huge downers.  Well now, thanks to Michael Dahl you can add “Troll Hunters” to that list.

I mean, the book was good.  For the most part the characters were likeable, and entertaining.  Ok, so there were a couple of times when I wanted to shank one of the characters and he did seem to pull several personality 180s… but I can write that off as him being a douche-y little teenager, especially since I liked all the other heroes.

Speaking of other characters… Dr. Hoo, also a fantastic character.  Mara and Uhzk, golden.  The villains were truly terrifying, something out of everyone’s nightmares.  (If you claim they’re not, we’ll all know you’re lying) And yet…

The timing/continuity is a little wonky in places, but I’m hoping that’s due to my copy being an ARC.  Even if it’s not, I can get around it because it’s a book geared towards pre-teens.  What I’m still trying to get around is the sucker punch.   Seriously.  It’s like Michael Dahl walked up and without warning punched me right in the stomach and then after I collapsed to the ground (because I can’t take a punch) he stepped on me instead of around me.  I think he might have chuckled too, but I was too busy trying to relearn to breathe to really notice.

3.5 Stars.  I’m still not talking to you, Mr. Dahl, but I can’t begrudge your book just because you have cooties.

OH!  I almost forgot.  There are pretty pictures scattered throughout the book.  Yeah, pretend I worked that into the review earlier.

Click here for the hardcover!

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