REVIEW by Ginny: Thirteen (Women of the Otherworld #13) by Kelley Armstrong (@KelleyArmstrong , @puretextuality )

It’s been more than ten years, a dozen installments, and hundreds of thousands of copies since Kelley Armstrong introduced readers to the all-too-real denizens of the Otherworld: witches, werewolves, necromancers, vampires, and half-demons, among others. And it’s all been leading to Thirteen, the final installment, the novel that brings all of these stories to a stunning conclusion.

A war is brewing—the first battle has been waged and Savannah Levine is left standing, albeit battered and bruised. She has rescued her half brother from supernatural medical testing, but he’s fighting to stay alive. The Supernatural Liberation Movement took him hostage, and they have a maniacal plan to expose the supernatural world to the unknowing.

Savannah has called upon her inner energy to summon spells with frightening strength, a strength she never knew she had, as she fights to keep her world from shattering. But it’s more than a matter of supernaturals against one another—both heaven and hell have entered the war; hellhounds, genetically modified werewolves, and all forces of good and evil have joined the fray.

Uniting Savannah with Adam, Paige, Lucas, Jaime, Hope, and other lost-but-notforgotten characters in one epic battle, Thirteen is a grand, crowd-pleasing closer for Armstrong’s legions of fans.

Paranoia: You still have to review Thirteen…
Me: It was anticlimactic.
Paranoia: …
Me: Oh come on… seriously? Can’t I ever get away with a three word review?
Paranoia: No.
Me: Fine. It was anticlimactic and I didn’t like it. But in a petulant sort of way… That better?
Paranoia: …
Me: You know what? I don’t like you very much.

Thirteen is the swan song for the Women of Otherworld series and…

No, I’m sorry; I can’t even begin to review this book because I’m still stuck on the fact that Jeremy is part Kitsune. Ok, we all know by now that Jeremy is more than just a were. His mom was some kind of funky Asian something that was more than human. When did the Kitsune thing come into play though? Last I knew, they were trying to figure out what the symbols on the blanket Jeremy was found in were. Now it’s “JEREMY IS A KITSUNE” this and “USING HIS KITSUNE BLOOD” that…

The fuck?

See, I very rarely read the short stories that are associated with a series. It’s actually the Otherworld Series fault that I skip these, since when I tried to find all the shorts sometimes years after they were published it was a royal pain in the ass, some were out of print, and I ended up just giving up. Short stories are supposed to give you a little bonus peak at your favorite characters. Right? They’re just little morsels that act as a compliment to the meal. Right?

Well apparently I was wrong because this revelation comes about in “Kitsunegari” which is a short in the “Men of Otherworld” anthology and takes place between “Living with the Dead” and “Frostbitten.” Even though the whole Kitsune thing isn’t mentioned until “Thirteen.”

At which point it’s mentioned in every other sentence.

Seriously, all I needed was a “Jeremy, the current pack alpha had recently learned he was part Kitsune when three little fox shifter hussies showed up and tried to boink his brains out” and I would’ve been fine with it.

And they never explain what a Kitsune is. Had I not already been familiar with Japanese folklore regarding shape shifting foxes, I would have had to Google it.

I hate it when books make me Google things.

Alright, now that I have that off my chest… let me get around to my other complaints. I really wish I was kidding.

For some bizarre reason, Ms. Armstrong decided it was in her best interest to unresolve a plot point that had been resolved prior to Bitten. Because apparently the series didn’t have loose ends to tie up already, she felt the need to pick apart a sweater as well. And then she didn’t even re-resolve it! She just said “eh, we’ll get to it later.”

We got a peak at just about all the key players in this series… except for half the pack. Including Nick and Antonio. Though I shouldn’t be shocked since it feels like Adam is barely in the books. I mean there’s this whole big setup at the end of the last book, and then its chapters before he exists in anything other than cell phone or text format.

…I’m cutting out the rest of my rant because once I start flailing my arms and cussing it’s time for me to call it a day.

I was happy we get a resolution for Adam and Savannah. Even if it does fade to black. Even if I do think the laws of time were bent to the point of breaking to think that travel time, the fade, a nap, and then the recap happened in an hour. Even if the HEA isn’t as solid as I’d like it to be…

3 Stars. It was still a decent book, but doesn’t quite measure up to what I felt should’ve been this series final goodbye. Reading “Thirteen” was kind of like watching the pole vaults in the Olympics when the vaulter manages to make it without touching the bar, but only because they went under it.

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