REVIEW by Ginny: Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer #1) by Karen Chance (@puretextuality )

Cassandra Palmer can see the future and communicate with spirits—talents that make her attractive to the dead and the undead. The ghosts of the dead aren’t usually dangerous; they just like to talk…a lot.

The undead are another matter.

Like any sensible girl, Cassie tries to avoid vampires. But when the bloodsucking mafioso she escaped three years ago finds Cassie again with vengeance on his mind, she’s forced to turn to the vampire Senate for protection.

The undead senators won’t help her for nothing, and Cassie finds herself working with one of their most powerful members, a dangerously seductive master vampire—and the price he demands may be more than Cassie is willing to pay….

If you’re familiar with the Cassandra Palmer series than you already know most of the criticism surrounding the series. It’s an Anita clone. Even though Cassie is a character most people want to punch in the face her vagina is like a pied piper and every character’s snake is like a… well a snake… Information is dumped on you like its slime and you just said “I don’t know.” The author took every famous person from history and made them a vampire.

Since these points have been talked to death, I won’t discuss them…

An off the beaten path supernatural woman who considers herself human who has a milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard even though she doesn’t get it and is very inexperienced sexually but turns centuries old men into driveling sex slaves including the one European vamp with long dark hair who’s some beefcake top level master who she has some sordid history with and trusts in the sense that she at least knows how he’ll screw her (pun intended). Oh and their vamps gone wrong are called Revenents too. Yeah, that’s original…


Ok, I won’t discuss it any more than that.

I will however address one common complaint that I think is off base. That Mircea is a pedobear. Did he know Cassie when she was 11? Of course. Did he want her smexually? Well according to him saying “Damn girl if I knew you were so fine I’d have brought you to my court for the making of sex while I manipulate and use you” I’d say no. See? He’s not a pedocreep… he’s an entirely different type of creep.

Please excuse me while I choke back vomit at the thought of boinking any of these men. I don’t give two shits how physically perfect they supposedly are, the fact that they all want to use Cassie and view her vagina as the best possible way to control her makes them all ineligible.

(I had put in a rating here, then my “short and sweet” recap turned into a freaking soliloquy.) The ending sort of makes up for all that up there, if only because Cassie finally makes an intelligent decision. Besides, if you can get around all those pesky complaints then the story isn’t bad. A bit predictable in places sure, but not bad. Personally I’m giving the second book a shot because I’ve been promised that it gets better and this was the author’s first book. God knows I don’t want to be judged solely on my first story. Plus this wasn’t bad enough to warrant me dropping it in disgust and slapping anyone who mentions it in polite conversation. In fact, parts were honest to goodness enjoyable.

Most of those parts involved Billy Joe and I honestly wish there was more of him. Other enjoyable characters were the little fae creature that helps her in the casino and… No that was pretty much it. By the end of the book you’ll have at least one moment for every character that makes you want to slap them (with a baseball bat) that they either refuse to apologize for or don’t even realize they need to apologize for.

3.5 Stars.

Touch the Dark
Cassandra Palmer #1

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