REVIEW by Ginny: Curse of Witch and War (A Skyfall Era Short) by Matt Larkin (@MattALarkin , @puretextuality )

Malin, weretiger bodyguard to the Lunar King, fears an attack on the King’s wife. When the strike comes, though, it isn’t against the royal family. It’s against Malin’s own people. The fearsome Arun Guard assault the island of the weretigers, and Malin goes to their defense. But while he’s away, an even greater threat ravages their home. Something has escaped the Spirit World, and it wasn’t the Solars that called it…

Of all my pending reviews, this was the one I was most amped to write.  Well, most amped and most guilty about… since I was totally supposed to beta this and failed hardcore.   I read most of it… and then life got in the way and I never finished.

No instead I waited until I got the advanced copy to review.

Have I ever told y’all that I’m an idiot?

No seriously, I could have had this fine piece of short fiction in my mind for days… DAYS!  In “Curse of Witch and War” we get a look at where the problems all started.  I can’t get into much detail without spoiling things.  Things that you already know if you’ve read “Children of Sun and Moon” because they happened in the past… but things that you didn’t really know as well as you could because they… well… happened in the past.

This time we’re looking at them in the present and I can guarantee you’ll look at them and go “oooooooo, that makes so much more sense now.”  Which is why you should read “Children of Sun and Moon” first, if you are one of those silly people who haven’t read it already.

Now, it is a bit clipped, since it’s told from Malin’s POV and he’s not the most articulate of beasts in human flesh, but you get around that quickly.  In fact by the end you find it feels natural and when you go back to other stories you wonder what’s wrong with them.

4.5 Stars.  It’s a great addition to the Skyfall world and works as either a good introduction to the series (though you do lose a little something), or a tender morsel to hold you over until book two is ready for human consumption.

Plus I’m mentioned in the acknowledgements.  And I do so love getting props.

A Skyfall Era Short
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