REVIEW by Beth: She Who Hunts by C.L. Parks (@clparks05 , @bunnybetha )

Tenna Massey’s husband is possessed, and may be the one responsible for the string of murders in her community. Only a demon Hunter can stop him, and unfortunately for Tenna, she comes from a long line of them, a legacy she ran away from years ago.

If Tenna chooses to become the Hunter she was destined to be, it will mean stepping back into the world she thought she’d left behind for good. Worse, it will mean killing the man she’s loved for so long. But if she doesn’t, the murders won’t stop.

The longer she puts off her decision, the more innocent lives are in danger, and the more Tenna realizes she can’t run forever.

The action starts on the first page of She Who Hunts, as Tenna gets ready to divorce the almost ex who is literally from hell.

Within the first five pages, I knew that I loved the characters in this story. Tenna has got herself a little attitude, kind of sarcastic and spunky but also vulnerable as she’s not sure if she can take on the role of Hunter.  How can you kill a man you’ve loved enough to marry, even though he’s been possessed by a demon? An orphan for many years, Tenna is soon reunited with people who are like family to her, people whom she feels abandoned her when her parents were killed. Yeah, along with her attitude, Tenna’s got lots of emotional baggage. Thank goodness she’s got her pal Claire, as her friend and divorce lawyer. And now Tenna’s met the hunky Jason, who shows up to help her out. Can Tenna trust Jason? Can she afford not to trust him? Tenna’s support group is really small. Like tiny.

I was also hooked on the constant danger the characters are facing in this story. The demons in She Who Hunts do not sparkle in the sunlight; they are pure EVIL; the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up as I read. These are disgusting creatures that are also fun to read about, the kind of evil one prays does not exist in the real world. 

So. I loved the characters, and the story intrigued me right from the start. Author CL Parks delivers dialogue that’s believable and keeps the story moving  in a well-ordered way that’s filled with tension and (for me) moments of terror. In the midst of danger and loss, Tenna’s also experiencing some sexual tension as her attraction to Jason builds.

But She Who Hunts is not a romance–it’s an urban fantasy tale that’s full of action with a generous helping of yuck. The author is good at describing what I call the yucky stuff–words like disemboweled, entrails–you get what I mean, right? Parks uses descriptive words and phrases to keep the danger  level high. There’s also a few (very) sexually explicit scenes in She Who Hunts, but it fits the story line and is appropriate for the development of the characters involved. Towards the end of the story there’s also a surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I loved–LOVED–She Who Hunts. Tenna’s a strong character with a touch of bravado mixed with indecision, sprinkled with fear but also brave and self-confident as she tries to convince herself to stop running and take up the sword. As I was reading She Who Hunts, I was hoping the next installment to Tenna’s story would be coming soon. Sounds like another Hunters tale is coming up sometime this fall, and I cannot wait. Great characters, mean ugly demons, a solid story and dialogue with a dash of sexy times that makes for a good read that ended way too soon for my taste. Five stars for She Who Hunts.

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