INTERVIEW by Ginny: Cory Doctorow answers my Humble Bundle questions

I’m sort of geeking out a bit right now, and it’s because Cory Doctorow not only agreed to answer some questions regarding the new Humble eBook Bundle, but he did it really quickly.  REALLY QUICKLY.  Like in 11 minutes quickly.

The man is impressive.

Eventually this will sink in for me and I’ll probably giggle in a maniacal fashion before I pass out from my good fortune… so I should get this posted before that happens.

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Ginny Lurcock [Ginny]:  As someone who’s had luck with traditional publishing, what inspired you to “take it to the people,” so to speak?
Cory Doctorow [Cory]: Well, this is in combination with Tor Books, so I’m still in the trad system!

[Ginny]:  Why did you decide to work with the folks at Humble Bundle?
[Cory]: I was impressed by how well they’d done commercially. Also, one of my
former students — who’d formerly worked for EFF — went to Humble,
and I was impressed with his judgment, too.

[Ginny]:  Is this something you think you’ll do again in the future with other releases?
[Cory]: It really depends on how much money this one makes. I like that there’s not really any downside to this — no way it could cost me anything — so assuming it’s fairly profitable, I’d be delighted to do it again.

[Ginny]:  Have you considered going indie instead of working with publishers?
[Cory]: Been there, done that:

tldr: It was fun, it was profitable, but it was hard work. It’d likely get easier the second time round, but I still feel like I’d rather spend my scarce minutes writing, not faffing around with self-pub platforms.

[Ginny]:  In my experience its publisher’s fear of piracy combined with a mistrust of this new technology that lead to the DRM craze. Do you feel that DRM actually prevents piracy?
[Cory]: Absolutely. It’s hard to compete with free at the best of times. But it’s impossible to compete with free if the pay version is worse –DRM-crippled — than the free one.

[Ginny]:  How do you feel about ebooks in general?
[Cory]: Generally, I’m for them.

[Ginny]:  Do you have a preferred ebook format?
[Cory]: Nope.

[Ginny]:  Is there an ideal reasonable price for ebooks?
[Cory]: Yes, it’s the same as the ideal reasonable length for a piece of string!

[Ginny]: I’m more than a little ashamed to admit I’ve never actually read one of your books. What do you recommend starting with?
[Cory]: Pirate Cinema.

[Ginny]:  And because I cannot be too serious for too long (or the world will implode), a pack of zombie cheerleaders (meaning cheerleaders who became zombies as oppose to someone who is pro-zombie) and Bill and Ted (fresh from their Wild Ride) are stuck in the Tardis for 24 hours. At the end, do Bill and Ted make it out alive? Explain your answer.
[Cory]: No. The zombies eat them. Duh!

Thanks again Cory! You can get your own copy of “Pirate Cinema” in the Humble eBook Bundle

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