REVIEW by Dolly: Cast in Ruin (Chronicles of Elantra #7) by Michelle Sagara West (@msagara , @fidget78 )

Seven corpses are discovered in the streets of a Dragon’s fief. All identical, down to their clothing.Kaylin Neya is assigned to discover who they were, who killed them–and why. Is the evil lurking at the borders of Elantra preparing to cross over?

At least the investigation delays her meeting with the Dragon Emperor. And as the shadows grow longer over the fiefs, Kaylin must use every skill she’s ever learned to save the people she’s sworn to protect. Sword in hand, dragons in the sky, this time there’s no retreat and no surrender…

Unbelievable!! I have been with this series from the very beginning and I’ll say this, the only thing even remotely not good about it is the books don’t release often enough.

I’m not going to rehash what the book is about because if you haven’t read the first six books in the series, you’ll be completely lost and will have missed out on what I expect to be one of the most enduring series of my reading time.

I never understood why fantasy/science fiction are sometimes listed together (in my mind they don’t always go together) but this series is one instance that they belong.

This was also my very first audio book so I’m bit giddy about that too. After reading this series for so long, I was having a hard time beginning Cast In Ruin and I thought a change of pace might energize me. Boy, oh boy, did I make the right decision. At first I was a bit skeptical on how one female could read so many parts and make them believable; what little faith I had quickly grew into amazement and utter disbelief. The narrator, Khristine Hvam, was fan-bloody-tastic.

Ms Sagara’s books are not quick easy reads. You have to commit to this series and invest in the characters, especially Kaylin.

The world and character building are exceptional. I literally feel like I’m in another time and place and don’t necessarily want to “come home” when the book is over. I love how the characters have grown with each novel and am very pleased to see Kaylin finally coming to understand her place in her world. Speaking of Kaylin, we learn a bit more of her background before she was able to escape the fiefs. There is also an explanation given about her relationship with Severn and a bit about Nightshade. Have I got your attention with that? I hope so. Go on the adventure with Kaylin, her fellow Hawks, the Barrani, the Dragons and her upcoming trek to the West March (Cast In Peril, Chronicles of Elantra, Book 8).

Cast In Ruin surprised me on many different levels. Thus, there is only one way to rate this novel:

My rating: 5 Stars

Chronicles of Elantra #7

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