REVIEW by Amy: Turn to Me (Kathleen Turner #2) by Tiffany A Snow (@tiffanyasnow , @Miss_UofK)

When Kathleen Turner, office runner for the prestigious Indianapolis law firm of Kirk & Trent, started dating the boss she knew the risks. Senior Partner Blane Kirk is known for being a notorious player – the Baskin Robbins of dating with a different flavor every month. Kathleen is the happiest she’s been in a long time, especially as Christmas approaches, but she’s always known there was a termination date on her relationship with Blane.

She just didn’t expect that termination to be her funeral.

A festive afternoon of Christmas tree shopping turns life-threatening when Kathleen and Blane become targets for an unknown gunman. They make it home alive, but Kathleen realizes her boyfriend has been keeping secrets. The deadly kind.

Blane’s current case is drawing heated debate and stirring the pot of public fury. Kathleen is horrified by the threats – and worse – being directed at him. A former Navy SEAL stands accused of the wrongful death of an American citizen during a military operation overseas. The case has far-reaching political and military implications. Someone with a lot of money, and even more clout, wants Blane to lose.

As dead bodies of people connected to the defense start piling up, it becomes painfully obvious that disappearing witnesses and altered testimony are no longer enough for whoever is intent on guaranteeing the SEAL gets convicted. Kathleen and Kade, Blane’s brother and ex-FBI-agent-turned-assassin-for-hire, are on the trail of the killer.

Unfortunately for Kathleen, he’s already moved for the end-game – by painting a target on her…and pulling the trigger.

I love the Kathleen Turner Series! ‘Turn To Me’ was a thrilling, bold, intense, HOT continuation to ‘No Turning Back.’ The kind of book you don’t want to put down until you have read every word.

We begin with a Prologue that gives us a sneak peek into the life of the mysterious, Kade Dennon. Kade is sexy with just the right amount of arrogance that makes reading a few pages about him and his thoughts, very alluring. Just when you think you have figured him out, his actions or words prove otherwise. Leaving you to consider the possibility that maybe he’s not so emotionally unavailable after all.

Blane is still as handsome and charming as ever, but is keeping things from Kathleen. A few of his actions in this book were questionable and surprising, but made for a climatic turn of events. He no doubt loves Kathleen, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to keep her.

Kandi-with-an-i also makes a few catty appearances. She’s the kind of conceited, spiteful girl that that most guys wouldn’t look at twice if it were not for daddy’s money and status. She’s back to her old ways of infuriating Kathleen and digging her claws into Blane any chance she can get. She’s the kind of girl you love to hate and the book wouldn’t be the same without her. Unfortunately.

At the end of the first book, I was equally torn between Blane and Kade. After reading the second installment, I must admit Blane lost a few points and Kade gained. So I guess it official…..I’m team Kade. With that being said, I hope he doesn’t mess it up, making me regret going ‘on the record’ with my endorsement.

The Epilogue at the end is priceless and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Sorry. I’ve said to much already.

The third installment in the series, ‘Turning Point’, had a release date of December 2012, but according to Tiffany’s web site, the date has been postponed until April 16, 2013. However, if you are a fan of the series and can’t wait to sink your teeth into book three, fear not! Tiffany has released the first chapter of ‘Turning Point’ on her website! I have indulged and I must say, I am beyond excited to read its entirety! Maybe Tiffany will release chapter two? A small token to the fans of Kathleen Turner series? We can only hope.

As always, a few of my favorite quotes, all from Kade:

“It appears there’s no end to the trouble you cause my brother.”

“Find another rich guy to screw.”

“Pretend you like me and I’ll do the same.”

“If I’d known you’d do that to anything covered in marshmallow, I would have put it in a different location.”

“She loves you Blane. Don’t fuck it up.”

I give Turn To Me 5 stars!

Kathleen Turner #2

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Kathleen Turner #1
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