REVIEW by Eryn: Children of Sun and Moon (The Skyfall Trilogy #1) by Matt Larkin (@MattALarkin , @RJBags19 )

The Lunar King bargained his daughter away in marriage to end generations of war between the two dynasties of the Skyfall Isles. The King sends his niece Chandi along as handmaid to his daughter. Chandi has two tasks: watch over her cousin, and spy on the Solars. Still seething over the death of her lover during the war, Chandi accepts the task he gives her. The Solars cost her everything she cares about, and now she wants nothing more than proof of their treachery so she can go home.

She knows little of spying, but the blood of the Moon God running through her veins gives her powers mortals can’t match, powers that let her slip into places she’s not supposed to be. Of course, the more she uses her powers, the faster she becomes a lunatic.

When she discovers a Solar soldier, Naresh, watching her, she decides to return the favor and stick close to him. But as he shows her the wonders of the domed underwater city, she begins to realize the Solars are not what she thought. Soon, she’ll have to choose between loyalty to her people and her own heart.


One of the amazing facets of blogging for Pure Textuality is the opportunity to delve into works that are outside one’s normal “reading” comfort zone.  Children of Sun and Moon is a piece that never would have garnered space on my Kindle account, however, I am exceptionally blessed to have been introduced to the first book in this trilogy through Pure Textuality.

Larkin’s work is an extraordinary introduction to the world of the Solar and Lunar races, their entwined roots of civil war, and, the ramifications of actions when spurred on by loyalty and love.  A blend of science fiction and ardor, Children of Sun and Moon, follows the life of a Lunar daughter named Chandi, who is tasked with infiltration into the confidence of the Solars by her uncle, the Lunar War King.  As a means of entreating peace between the two races, the Lunar War King offers his daughter, Ratna’s, hand in marriage to the Solar king.  Chandi is then sent along under the guise as handmaid to her cousin as they travel from their home to the land of the Solars.

The ability that Larkin possesses to detail both the Lunar and Solar societies is nothing short of superior.  Book 1 lays the foundation describing the rise of each empire, the intricate social order within each culture, and the power that each race has harnessed as a means of tactical survival against the other.  I found that this read was one that mesmerized me from the start, not only because of the crisp yet vivid writing style, but the pure wonder of the tale set in motion.

Science fiction is a genre that I tend to steer clear of, yet now I find myself compelled to learn the epic tale told within the pages of the Skyfall Trilogy.  On the Pure Textuality rating scale I would offer Book 1 of the Skyfall Trilogy, Children of Sun and Moon a 5 out of 5 stars.  I am eager to jump into Book 2 in the trilogy, Legacy of Moon and Fire, would urge any reader who enjoys sci-fi to do the same.

Skyfall Trilogy Book 1
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Skyfall Trilogy Book 2

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