REVIEW by Ginny: Keeper of the Moon (The Keepers: L.A. #2) by Harley Jane Kozak (@Harleyjanekozak )

In their new Keeper roles, these extraordinary women must balance the fate of the world with their desires…

Lust. Elven Keeper Sailor Gryffald’s body quivers with it, but is it a symptom of the deadly Scarlet Pathogen coursing through her bloodstream or the proximity of shifter Keeper Declan Wainwright?

Sailor and Declan have had an uneasy relationship ever since they met, and now things are about to get a lot more complicated. A killer is stalking Los Angeles, intentionally infecting Elven with the deadly virus, and now Sailor and Declan must work to keep the supernatural peace while bringing the murderer to justice. But, in doing so, these powerful denizens of the Otherworld find themselves straddling a fine line between lust…and love.

Keeper of the Moon

Let me just get one thing out of the way first. I had an ARC, and I’m really hoping that some of the editing errors were removed between my version and the go live version.

That being said.


And I know it wasn’t a continuity error.

*ahem* Perhaps I should back up.

Keeper of the Moon is the tale of Sailor (and holy mother of god is that a stupid name) young and SUPER inexperienced Keeper for the Elves and Declan, a Shifter Keeper.

Wait, let me back up some more.

So in this world, there are magical races. Vampires, shifters, weres, Elves, Ogres, Pixies, Goblins, etc. Lots of them. And the thin blue line these supernatural beings and us normal humans are the Keepers. Sort of humans who are born with a *magical* birthmark that grants them some level of the abilities of the race they’re the keeper of.

Okay. So Sailor, who has Elf woowoo and Declan has shifter woowoo. And they’re both super powerful. And they’re both attracted to each other.

Well Sailor is attracted to Declan, Declan thinks she’s just a snooty little wannabe actress. Until she gets injured and infected and he shifts into another form and interacts with her as someone else and realizes she’s just a prickly little pear with him.

Around everyone else she’s actually nice.

And hot.

So obviously they want to bone.

It may be apparent to you that I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the romantic aspect of this novel. I mean, it was alright, and I do feel like their lust turned into genuine affection… but there were times when the characters seemed kind of stiff. Well Declan seemed stiff. And not in the way that’s acceptable in romance novels.

Plus there were a few things I wish they’d spent more time on.

Flip side, I really did like the mystery. I was constantly guessing, and there were actually a few times where I was wondering if Declan was the murderer… knowing he wasn’t because he’s the male lead. I actually tried to envision ways for there to be a HEA in spite of it.

In the end, none of my theories were right. Well… not entirely right. Actually, it took two of my theories and mashed them together and made a freaking manticore out of them. It was pretty swell.

3.5 Stars. Good mystery, decent romance, and an interesting concept.

Ginny New 2

Keeper of the MoonKEEPER OF THE MOON
The Keepers: L.A. #2

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