REVIEW by Dolly: The First Prophet (Bishop Files, #1) by Kay Hooper (@KayHooper , @fidget78 )

Within the FBI, there exists a team of psychics whose powers cannot be denied. But these agents are feared—by a cabal of conspirators with only one weapon: to blind the psychics to the evils all around them. 

Months ago Sarah Gallagher woke from a coma with psychic abilities she couldn’t control. They changed her life and cost her the man she loved. And now, someone is playing games with Sarah’s mind.

It begins with Sarah’s home being destroyed by fire—an act of arson that draws novelist Tucker Mackenzie into Sarah’s confidence. But he has other reasons for pursuing a woman who can see what others can’t. So does a mysterious enemy intent on eliminating Sarah, and everyone she cares about. Because it’s only a matter of time before her visions lead her and Tucker to a secret many will kill to hide. Only then will they begin to discover the scope of a terrifying conspiracy so deep and complex they can trust almost no one.

The First Prophet

For readers who’ve been following Bishop/Special Crimes Unit by Kay Hooper, she’s is adding another series to parallel it. The First Prophet is the first book of the new series.

Ms Hooper appears to be adding an extra element to the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit. It’s not simply good against evil any longer. A larger force is at work and The First Prophet is the introduction to a conspiracy much more involved than even Bishop was aware.

When first introduced, Sarah appears fragile and resigned to a fate she’s “seen” that ends with her standing by an empty grave. As she’s watching her house burn and trying to explain to the police her innocence of arson, Tucker Carlson arrives on the scene. She knows her fate to the grave has begun. Sarah’s never met Tucker but knows he is a part of her coming journey. He’s not playing by the rules, though, and tries to convince Sarah that fate is not destiny. Tucker feels free will and a knowledge of what’s coming can be changed. Sarah’s not so sure but is willing to play along.

No matter where Tucker and Sarah go, the “shadows” are always one step ahead. Sarah knows the Shadows are evil and hears not only their voices but another here and there giving advice and leading Sarah to a predetermined place and time.

It took me a few chapters to “get into” The First Prophet. I put it down several times to read other new releases. However, there is a point where you can’t stop. Don’t give up. I think I was a bit distracted in the beginning but Ms Hooper soon grabbed my attention and held it way past my bedtime.

I’m anxiously awaiting the next novel to see where all this is leading!

My Rating: 4.0 Stars

Dolly New

Bishop Files #1

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