REVIEW by Matt: Thread of Hope (Joe Tyler #1) by Jeff Shelby (@jeffshelby , @mattalarkin )

If someone took your child, how soon would you stop looking for her? If someone accused your best friend of a terrible crime, when would you stop defending him?

Seven years after Joe Tyler’s daughter Elizabeth was abducted, he hasn’t stopped looking for answers, and he hasn’t forgotten the friend who stood by him as he lost his wife, his home, and his career in his search. Now he’s been brought back to San Diego by the news that this friend has been arrested for beating up a teenage girl—a girl not much older than Elizabeth would be now.
Joe is convinced Chuck Winslow is innocent, but Chuck is in a coma and can’t explain what happened. And the more Joe hears about what Chuck’s been up to in the years he’s been gone, the less Joe recognizes his old friend. To find out the truth, he will have to face his ex-wife, his former bosses, and a hometown full of wealth, lies, and illicit privilege. When Chuck’s accuser goes missing, Joe must decide where his loyalties truly lie.

Thread of Hope

I don’t normally read straight thrillers. I was browsing the Kindle boards and the description caught my eye, so I figured I’d give it a try–and I’m really glad I did. I read THREAD OF HOPE in three sittings. The pace was fast without barreling through the plot. The characters felt real, especially Joe, the protagonist.

Joe lost his daughter years ago. Never knew what happened to her. Now he works as a PI, helping other parents find their lost children, or at least find closure. When his best friend is accused of a crime and badly beaten, Joe has no choice but to return to his hometown. At first, he just wants to clear his friend’s name. But Joe soon finds himself having to use his skills at finding lost kids.

I really found myself rooting for him. *Minor spoilers ahead* Even when he’s doing bad things, things he admits are rotten, like beating up an eighteen-year-old boy, I got why. Because the arrogant little pimp thought he could do or say anything he wanted. Thought he was too rich to be held accountable, for things like saying Joe’s dead daughter would have grown up to be a whore. (Though it surprised me how little consequence Joe faced for this action.) *end spoilers *

Joe doesn’t quit. He doesn’t give up. He’s on a mission to help families that have lost children, no matter what feathers he has to ruffle to do it.

One minor quibble: There were a few more typos than I’d expect in a work this length. They weren’t glaring, mostly little things like “thing” for “think” or an extra closing quotation mark. But there were at least six or so of these I noticed.

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Thread of HopeTHREAD OF HOPE
Joe Tyler #1

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