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Up close and personal—with her bodyguard!It seems mayor’s daughter Miranda Kravitz has scored herself a new and very dreamy bodyguard! Apparently the fireworks between them are scorching, but will this tabloid darling really be willing to give up her newfound taste for freedom—no matter how gorgeous Tyler Brannigan is?

Rumor has it Brannigan hates playing by the rules and has used up all his strikes with the NYPD vice squad. So now this cop’s paying his dues with a temporary assignment as babysitter. If anyone can keep this Manhattan princess in check, surely it’s this tough-guy detective? Hopefully handcuffs won’t be necessary!

Her Man In Manhattan

I feel like I read things in clusters. One of those clusters as of late was bodyguards and their charges. Now, while I question the morality of the situation in real life, I’ve got to say it allows for many interesting situations for our two budding paramours.

In “Her Man In Manhattan” we get two characters who… Well actually, they sort of hate each other at first. I mean, they like each other… you know… in that way. But as people who have to work with each other. Not so much. Probably because they’re both laboring under false assumptions about the other, and end up making the other person life harder.

What follows is the gradual and natural romance between these two very different people as they battle with their own demons, expectations, and familial pressures. A solid contemporary romance that takes what can be an iffy plot device and does it proud.

3.5 stars.

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