REVIEW by Ginny: One Wild Night by Amelia James – RELEASED TODAY! (@trashywriter )

“Let me get this straight.” Jake looked Lucien in the eye. “If you lose this hand, I take your girlfriend home.”

Never anger a gypsy with the powers of hell at his fingertips. But that’s exactly what Jake Marshall does when he wins Lucien’s girlfriend in a drunken poker game.

The Great War is over and Jake wanders through Eastern Europe looking for adventure, romance or maybe just a good stiff drink. When he meets beautiful, exotic Miranda, he knows she can give him everything he wants… for tonight at least. Jake can’t decide if her magic touch scares him or turns him on. Can he trust her?

Miranda is looking for a way out. She’s suffered Lucien’s abuses far too long, and Jake offers the escape she craves. The cocky American is bold, brash and carries too many guns, but she likes that in a man.

They’re enjoying the magic between them when Lucien unleashes an ancient curse, forcing Jake and Miranda to flee into the dark black forest while the minions of hell pursue them through endless hours of midnight. And the constant erotic distractions between the two only make matters worse. Jake can only fight for so long, and Miranda’s powers are pushed to the limit. She can break the curse… if they survive One Wild Night.


So my PDF ARC of this title always opened with the label “Dessert Rice”

This has no bearing on anything, it just made me go “the fuck” every time I opened it, so I decided to share.

Let me sum things up for you.

I give One Wild Night…

Okay, I’ve just been informed that while “gypsy, cowboy, cursed, and demon” might be enough for me to pick up a book, that’s not the norm. We’ll sit down and talk about key words later. For now:

Like I said, oh was it just last night, I fear gypsies. And because I’m all kinds of fucked up (the best kind of fucked up) I love reading about them. So.Fucking.Much. I mean, that’s not why I picked up this ARC. I did so because it was written by Trashy and was a paranormal romance and I have this obsession with getting as many ARCs as possible… But when I found gypsies were involved… well all the better.

Can I just tell you right now that I had a serious problem with this book? It was pretty much nonstop action with a gypsy woman and a cowboy straight from the wild west being cursed by a ticked off gypsy ex to be chased through a nightmare by a demon… and I kept yelling “NO, SLOW DOWN, YOU’RE ONLY A NOVELLA, I’M GOING TO RUN OUT OF YOU TOO QUICKLY!”

Yes, that’s my problem with it. It was un-putdownable and now I have to wait to see what happens between the cowboy and the gypsy.

And I fucking hate waiting.

NOW! I give One Wild Night 4 stars
Ginny New 2onewildnightONE WILD NIGHT

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