REVIEW by Ginny: The Stuff of Dreams (Star Trek: The Next Generation) by James Swallow (@jmswallow) – Released Today

The Enterprise-E arrives in unclaimed space for a rendezvous with the Starfleet science vessel Newton. Jean-Luc Picard and his crew have been ordered to assist the Newton with the final phase of its current mission—a mission that brings Picard face to face with something he never thought he would see again: the phenomenon known as the Nexus. Less than twelve years after it left the Alpha Quadrant, the Nexus ribbon has now returned. Tasked to track and study the phenomenon as it re-entered the galaxy, the specialist science team on the Newton discovered that the orbital path of the Nexus has been radically altered by the actions of the rogue El-Aurian Tolian Soren—taking it deep into the territory of The Holy Order of the Kinshaya, one of the key members of the Typhon Pact. Starfleet Command is unwilling to allow the Kinshaya—and by extension, the Typhon Pact—free access to what is essentially a gateway to anywhere and anywhen, as a single operative could use the Nexus to change the course of galactic history….

Star Trek the stuff of dreams

I’m just going to warn you now, I grew up watching Next Gen.

That experience colors this review.

For the first half of the book, I was disappointed. Again, thanks to my aforementioned nostalgia for all things Next Gen. Okay, not so much disappointed, but there was so much blah blah blah with new names and explaining different races and fuck-all if the federation isn’t fucking annoying in text format when you have to describe all the fucking bone ridges instead of just being able to see it.

I was left thinking I’d made a terrible mistake.

Actually, I was left muttering “I shouldn’t have come, I’m endangering the mission” because I always quote Star Wars while I’m upset with Star Trek.

Then you get to the point where characters have been described down to their belly buttons and things get good. Meaning there’s a plot. And it’s a good plot. I mean, there’s a saboteur, another saboteur, deplorable orders, Worf, and the Nexus. Oh yes… the Nexus…

I love me some the Nexus.

(I don’t care what anyone says, Generations was an awesome movie…)

Basically, in the end, it was like an episode of Next Gen, for my mind. Which totally works for me. Especially since it didn’t feature Wil Wheaton in any redonkulous sweaters. Something I can’t say for the first season of Next Gen which hubs and I are watching on Netflix. And any book that makes you go “goddamn, I need to watch me some 180 episodes of an hour long show” is worth at least the 3.5 stars I’m giving it.

And in case you missed it in my mini wall o’ text:

3.5 stars

Ginny New 2

Star Trek the stuff of dreamsTHE STUFF OF DREAMS
Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Just so everyone knows… I typed it as “Star TRek” every goddamn time.

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