REVIEW by Ginny: Bound to Be a Bride by Megan Mulry (@MeganMulry)

In 1808 tempestuous Isabella, daughter of the Duke of Feria, unites with rebellious Javi, a highborn aristocrat practiced in the art of hojōjutsu, Japanese rope binding. They meet in the forest of western Spain, where both are on the run from an arranged marriage…to each other

bound to be a bride

Somehow I got it into my head that this book was labeled “erotica.” Because of this, my main thought when it came time to review it was “huh… for a book labeled erotica there’s sure not a whole lot of smexing going on.”

Wait, let me explain.

I actually read the blurb for this book on Netgalley and I might have actually snorted when I thought “this is too much, even for me.” You can imagine my shock when I actually got the book… I think it was an Idle Hands situation.

So now I’ve got what I’m assuming is an utterly ridiculous piece of smut (not that there’s anything wrong with utterly ridiculous pieces of smut, it’s just that my husband prefers me not to review them…) and I’m morally obligated to read and review it.

Crapballs, I think to myself, no what?

I did what any sensible person would do and read it. (It should be noted that my idea of sensible may differ greatly from your own. Actually, I’ve been told that my idea of sensible is so unsensible that it’s actually its own kind of irony.)

If you remember, my theme for the week has been “and then I read more than three pages…”

This title was no different.

Isabella and Javi are actually pretty great characters. They’re strong, stubborn, proud and fiercely attracted to each other. Even though it couldn’t come at a worse time, since they’re both fleeing from an arraigned marriage to this horrible stereotype of nobility in their era.

Or so they think.

The story is short and quick, and you do pick up on that as your reading, but honestly I don’t think it detracts much from the story. In fact, while I’m sure you could’ve expanded on this narrative, I’m not sure to do so would have been wise, and I (I spent 15 minutes trying to remember the word I wanted to use here, and couldn’t… you get my second choice) and I applaud the author for recognizing that fact.

Now back to my main thought. While the narrative involves a great deal of Isabella being tied up, there’s actually relatively little time spent engaging in illicit activities. Well, aside from all the running away and revolution… Illicit NAUGHTY activities. There, that’s better… So if you like your smexy books to be heavier on the smexy, you might be disappointed.

Luckily I just enjoy reading about couples falling and/or being in love… so it was all good in my book.

3 stars

Ginny New 2

bound to be a brideBOUND TO BE A BRIDE

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