Avatar of Night and Day (Skyfall Trilogy #3) by Matt Larkin

AvatarThe three dynasties of the Skyfall Isles have fallen to chaos, and three kings war for supremacy. Naresh, last protector of the fallen Solar Empire, wants nothing more than to finally bring peace to the Isles. But how can he stand behind one of these kings, when he finds every one lacking? And how can he focus on his duty when his wife is spiraling into lunacy?

As the rifts between the Isles, and between Naresh and Chandi, grow, Naresh is faced with an even greater problem. Kahyangan is no longer quiet. The horrors of the Spirit World are spreading across the Isles, and if Naresh wants to save everything he loves, he must push it all aside and go to battle against the forces beyond anything he has ever known.

Avatar of Night and Day
by Matt Larkin

Skyfall Trilogy #3

Epic Fantasy

Incandescent Phoenix Books

Publication Date
January 5, 2014

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