Echoes of Angels (Sins of Angels #1) by Matt Larkin

Echoes“Gehenna stank. The breather Rachel suctioned over her face allowed her to survive the planet’s sulfuric vapors and toxic atmosphere, but it didn’t quite cut out the smell—a blend of rotten eggs and a chemistry lab.”


More than three thousand years ago Angels saved humanity from destruction, but Earth was lost. The Angels spread humanity across the stars and ruled the universe for twenty-five hundred years. Then they vanished.

Angelologist Rachel Jordan has come to the hellish world of Gehenna in search of a lost relic said to hold all the knowledge of the Angels. With it, she could free mankind from the theocratic rule that has dominated it for millennia. But other factions seek it for themselves, and religious zealots will stop at nothing to keep it safe. Her only protection is Knight, a mercenary with a hidden past, a man who may prove more dangerous than any who pursue Rachel.

Echoes of Angels
by Matt Larkin

Sins of Angels #1

Science Fiction

Incandescent Phoenix Books

Publication Date
December 2013

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