REVIEW by Lorna: Eviternity: An Arash Novel by Elke Stevens (@Stevens_Elke , @Mollykatie112)

31707528Beautiful Ruth’s life as she knows it is gone. Having lost everything that truly matters to her, Ruth decides to leave London and heads for New York. Craving a normal human life, she stumbles upon the weird family of illustrious art dealer James Huntington-Brown and soon gets involved in a horrifying string of murders. Suddenly everyone is under suspicion, above all Ruth herself. No one is safe, neither humans nor Arash, when the killer strikes again.


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About the Book!

by Elke Stevens
An Arash Novel
Young Adult
E.I.S. Publishing
Publication Date
August 27, 2016
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Lorna’s Review

Shadow Hunt, by this author absolutely blew me away with how different, yet still paranormal/science fiction it was. I couldn’t put it down and I have read all the other books since then. They never let me down when it came to interesting characters, and how completely unique the fantasy elements were. Yet again, I thought that this series was over and now at last the author has given us a new book in this world. While the other four books are about Livia, this book features Ruth. If you know anything about this series, you know that Ruth was the villain all the way through the whole thing. She’s pretty much evil incarnate, and I wondered if I even wanted to read a book about her, but in the end, this book sucked me in and never let up until I had devoured every page, and was on the edge of my seat while doing so!
The Arash are a group of people that are descendants(?) of the stars. They start out human, but are adopted into families of the Arash, when it’s time for them to take in a new member. And yes, there is a unique way for them to know.They are immortal and can be invisible to humans if they want to be-but not to each other, unless that is their special power. They also do not cast a shadow as their shadow is their human form.They each have a different power. Ruth belonged to a family that decided to bring in Livia and when that happened, Ruth was now the odd man out and Livia became the new good friend and lover of one of them. Ruth was a Dark Arash and had the power to freeze things-like people. When everything came to an end in the last book, she had lost her family and her power. She leaves England and her family and comes to New York to settle. When she meets two men on the same day at different places, she is so lonely that she jumps at the chance to make friends. Jeremy is unreal handsome and is smitten with Ruth. Quin is handsome in a different way and enigmatic. They are supposedly cousins. Rounding out their friends, are James, their uncle, and another cousin, Honey, a goth girl. These people have shadows, but their relationships seem like Arash to Ruth. But that’s not possible. Is it? When a serial killer starts targeting Arash people, Ruth gets pulled into the mystery and the possibility of being a victim-or being accused of the crimes.
As always, this book was exciting and had me turning pages until it’s conclusion. I did manage to figure out some things, but not early on. On top of that, Ruth has finally fallen in love, and for the first time.Since she’s around eighty(and looks twenty five)it’s been a long time coming. She has some angst to get through as she has always been the confident one, the mean spirited one, and the ruin of everything she touched in the past. Now she just wants to live a new life and get past that. She’s still the same person, feels the same about things, but she was much easier to relate to now than she ever was before.I found myself rooting for her and her love, when I never thought I would have before.
Keep in mind that this is a British book and Ruth is British. At times, the characters spoke like they weren’t American, phrases or words that we don’t use here, that sort of thing. But it wasn’t a major problem, although I did notice it.
Intricately plotted, this series and book is one that I highly recommend to the reader that enjoys a different sort of fantasy, or a science fiction romance. It’s not YA, and there are mild sexual scenes, but nothing explicit. Great series!
I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Lorna Finished
The review copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About Elke Stevens

Elke currently lives in Vienna, Austria, and in London. She studied Romance philology and English and American Studies in Salzburg, Venice, and London, culminating in her dissertation on ‘Machiavelli under the Perspective of Greek and Latin Historiography’. After a career in marketing and the birth of her two daughters she founded a successful translation business.
Elke loves books, modern art, travelling, shopping with her daughters and walking her dogs in Hyde Park.

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