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Author Toolbox Update, BOGO Sale, and a Newsletter Audience Builder Promo!

Good afternoon!  We hope this email finds you well.  🙂  Pure Textuality PR has a couple of pieces of news for you today.




We are still in need of photogs & models to populate that page, but if you go out to Editors, Formatters, or Swag Vendors, there are now service providers listed on those pages.  Remember to bookmark the Author Toolbox for quick access next time you’re looking for a service provider!  It’s a free resource section for authors and it’s always being updated.




$50 Each, 2 for $88, or 3 for $110  2 for $50, 4 for $88, or 6 for $110
HeadTalker Campaign Included

A promotional blitz is a good way to announce a new release, spread the news of a pricing sale, or just drum up buzz for an older title.

When we send out our promotional blitz/cover reveal booking, the booking announcement goes out to our entire blogger list and gets posted to Facebook (one profile, three groups we own, and sixteen book blogger groups), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and also gets posted to Pure Textuality (book blog with more than 4,000 followers). Our Master List of 50+ book bloggers automatically receive your blitz materials for posting (posting depends upon availability), and then we book on top of that.

In conjunction with the promo blitz or cover reveal we run a HeadTalker campaign to go out on your promo date. HeadTalker is a crowd-sourcing platform for social media support. If you’re not familiar with how HeadTalker works, we create a campaign (spotlighting your cover reveal or promo blitz) and set the end date for the date we want your message to go out (release day, cover reveal day, etc.). Users then go on to HeadTalker and give a one-time authorization for HeadTalker to post your campaign message to their social media account on the campaign end date. The number of followers on the users social media profile is then added to your campaign’s social reach (the potential number of people your campaign message will be seen by). It’s a quick, painless, and free way for readers to help support their favorite authors. The end social reach on all the campaigns I’ve done on HeadTalker have ended with a social reach of at least 900,000 to 1,000,000.

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Good evening, everyone!  The 2017 Audience Builder Promotion Registration is now open.  In late 2016, we started test driving a new promotion design combining elements of other promotions we’ve seen run a million times.  Our clients were happy with the results, so we’ve decided to offer one every month for the 2017.  If you’re looking for an affordable way to build your newsletter audience and be showcased to a whole new audience, this might be the promotion you’re looking for.

First and foremost, we want to clarify that these promotions are not *blog* tours.  In the simplest terms, these promotions will be two separate components running side-by-side: a Rafflecopter giveaway and distribution of the genre-themed sampler. Additional marketing measures (i.e. HeadTalker campaigns, Facebook ads, Facebook sharing, blogger support, Facebook ads, etc.) are used to boost the promotion.  The giveaway has one mandatory entry point:  to sign up for a newsletter master list.  From there, additional entry points are unlocked.  Sampler & Sponsor authors are provided with a copy of the newsletter master list at the end of their promotion.

The promotions require very little interaction from the participating authors. See the Participation Requirements section of the Terms & Details document for details on what is required.

The goal of this promotion type is cross-promotion of audiences and to grow your newsletter mailing lists, and Sampler and Sponsor Authors are guaranteed newsletter signups.


Oct 2016 – Paranormal Romance Theme
16,000+ Overall Entries | 800+ Newsletter Signups

Nov 2016 – Urban Fantasy Theme
9,000+ Overall Entries | 500+ Newsletter Signups


The Rafflecopter giveaway starts on the 1st of each month at 12:00am EST, and they end on the last day of the month at 11:59pm EST. The Giveaway winners are chosen at random via Rafflecopter. The giveaways are open to US and Canada shipping addresses only. The mandatory entry point for the giveaway is to sign up for a newsletter master list which will be distributed to all Sampler and Sponsor Authors.


There are three opportunities for authors to buy into this promo type: sampler authors ($200), sponsor authors ($100), and featured authors ($10). Sampler Author and Sponsor Author registrations both include a free 2-day listing for a free or discount book (<$2.99) in Paranormal And Urban Fantasy Bargains and/or Pure Textuality PR Post, and a free Pure Textuality PR social media blitz for any one title or series.


2017 Audience Builder Promo Schedule

  • January 2017 ~ Genre: Dystopian
  • February 2017 ~ Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • March 2017 ~ Genre: Mystery & Thriller
  • April 2017 ~ Genre: Erotic Romance
  • May 2017 ~ Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
  • June 2017 ~ Genre: Adult Paranormal Fantasy
  • July 2017 ~ Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • August 2017 ~ Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • September 2017 ~ Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • October 2017 ~ Genre: Horror
  • November 2017 ~ Genre: Epic Fantasy
  • December 2017 ~ Genre: Holiday Romance

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