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The Sale on Promo Blitzes & Cover Reveals is Still Going! Dont Miss It!



$50 Each, 2 for $88, or 3 for $110
$25 Each, 2 for $44, or 3 for $55

A promotional blitz is a good way to announce a new release, spread the news of a pricing sale, or just drum up buzz for an older title.
Materials and a share request are sent out to our entire blogger list, and a blogger booking announcement is posted to Facebook (three profiles, three groups we own, 16 book blogger Facebook groups , Twitter, and Google+).
In addition to any blogger sharing, Pure Textuality PR staff shares the blitz on three blogs (Pure Textuality, Pure Textuality PR, and From Helios to Hollywood).  We then share a promo post and various promotional graphics throughout the day on Twitter, Google+, and on Facebook (3 profiles, 3 groups we own, 2 fanpages, and depending on your book’s genre, 130-170 book promo groups).  In addition to the blogger and PTPR staff sharing, we also organize and run a HeadTalker campaign to go out on your promo date.  HeadTalker is a crowd-sourcing platform for social media support. If you’re not familiar with how HeadTalker works, we create a campaign (spotlighting your cover reveal or promo blitz) and set the end date for the date we want your message to go out (release day, cover reveal day, etc.). Users then go on to HeadTalker and give a one-time authorization for HeadTalker to post your campaign message to their social media account on the campaign end date. The number of followers on the users social media profile is then added to your campaign’s social reach (the potential number of people your campaign message will be seen by). It’s a quick, painless, and free way for readers to help support their favorite authors. The end social reach on all the campaigns I’ve done on HeadTalker have ended with a social reach of at least 900,000 to 1,000,000.
Throughout the day, we track the progress of your books ranking on Amazon, and before we close up shop for the night, we will send you a summary, including links to the promo share locations (blogs and Facebook groups/pages/profiles) and your HeadTalker campaign statistics.

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