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ATTN Contemporary Romance Authors – SEDUCTIVE – Registration Now Open!

*FEB 2019*

Pure Textuality PR is launching a contemporary romance anthology series on February 12, 2019 called SEDUCTIVE.  The same day the boxed set goes live, the anthologies will also go live in paperback or all of the individual stories in the anthology will also go live as paperbacks (depending on the final page count).

Author Registration is $90 and that includes the cost of the anthology, your individual paperback full wrap cover (if we go that route), ebook formatting, and paperback formatting.  It also includes the organization and execution of the release day marketing.


Books included in the boxed set must be original stories (never before published) and may be tied into an existing series for cross promotion.

The genre is contemporary romance, all sub-genres, and dark contemporary romance, all sub-genres.

The minimum word count requirement is 20,000 words (novella length).

Erotic romance is okay but not required.  The anthology series will include a disclaimer both in the blurb and on the page right before the start of the first story.  However, we will not be choosing erotic categories during publishing.

The anthology will published by Pure Textuality PR and will remain published to Kindle Direct Publishing and enrolled in the KDP Select program indefinitely.  However, the anthology may be unpublished in three foreseeable instances:

  1. By Executive Decision – Pure Textuality PR reserves the right to remove the anthology from publication at any time.  An example of something that might cause us to make this decision would be lack of sales. Should the anthology reach a point where it’s earning so little that it’s not worth keeping it up for sale, Pure Textuality PR reserves the right to remove the anthology from publication.
  2. By Force – Per the Kindle Direct Publishing Agreement, Amazon reserves the right to remove any content from their website for any reason without notice.  
  3. By Group Majority Request Placed Forth By The Participating Authors – If there is ever a point where six or more of the participating authors all agree they no longer want their story in the anthology, the anthology will be unpublished from Amazon.

Should the anthology be removed from publication, the rights to all stories involved would instantly revert back to their respective authors the moment it is no longer listed for sale on Amazon. 

In the event of any unforeseen complications which could impact the anthology negatively, Pure Textuality PR will approach the group of participating authors, disclose the situation in question, and put the publication status to a vote.  Group majority wins, no exceptions, and no arguments.


Pure Textuality PR keeps no portion of the proceeds. Our compensation for our work organizing, publication, and marketing the anthology is covered in the registration fee.

Royalties paid out are set forth by Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Agreement. See the KDP Select terms regarding compensation for pages read.  For the time period that our book is $0.99 (see the Marketing Plan), we will earn 35% of the list price for each sale.  For the remaining time, when we are priced at $2.99, we will earn 70% of the list price for each sale. All terms and conditions spelled out in the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Agreement are the terms we will follow for the anthology.  

Royalties will be paid via PayPal fund transfers within 10 days of receipt in the Pure Textuality PR account from Amazon.  On the first of each month, a screenshot of the previous month’s earnings will be sent to the participating authors for their records.  Each author will receive an even split of the royalties paid on the anthology, regardless of story length. Co-written stories count as one participating author.


  • February 1, 2019 – Final Stories Submitted to Pure Textuality PR for Formatting
  • February 7, 2019 – Final File Up on Amazon for Preorder
  • February 12, 2019 – VOLUME 1 RELEASE DAY
  • February 19, 2019 – VOLUME 2 RELEASE DAY
  • February 26, 2019 – VOLUME 3 RELEASE DAY

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