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Authors! Class Registration Now Open! TAMING YOUR CRACKED-OUT SQUIRRELS


Do you have trouble staying organized? Do you search your cloud drive for hours trying to find a file? Maybe you’re just looking for ideas to better streamline your methods and make more time for writing. We have just the thing for you!

Pure Textuality PR has put together a class in which we go over tips & tools for getting organized behind the scenes of your author life on a budget. The class is hosted by Jena Gregoire, owner of Pure Textuality PR, virtual personal assistant, and bestselling author. All of the tools reviewed in class are either FREE or extremely low cost (<$10/month). We not only show you the tools but show you ways you can utilize them to maximize your time management efficiency.

When you leave the class, you do so with a e-package containing all of the tools we went over in class, plus a handful of free writer’s resources. Additionally, should you need help getting all of your things in order, Jena will personally help you go through and do so (each writer will receive an email following class with the e-package and scheduling options for help).



$50 (Non-Refundable)

The fee for the class is due upon registration.  This reserves one of the ten spots available per class date. Due to spots being limited, registration fees are non-refundable. However, should you need to pull out the class, you may transfer your spot in the class to another writer (registration fee payment would be between the two of you). 



The class runs approximately 2.5 hours (including two 15-minute breaks) plus Q&A time at the end should you choose to stay.

We have four dates available.  Each date is the same class so only reserve one date.

Available Dates
May 10th @ 8:00pm EST
May 17th @ 8:00pm EST
May 24th @ 8:00pm EST
May 31st @ 8:00pm EST

The class in conducted via a Join.Me meeting. You will receive a reminder of the class reservation 48 hours before the start, 8 hours before start, and then again 15 minutes before the start.  The 15 minute reminder will include a website link for the meeting and a phone number to call into for sound. The Join.Me meeting gives you a real time view of Jena’s desktop allowing you to follow along in real time while allowing Jena to answer questions when they arise rather than waiting until the end.



All tools covered in this class are either Google or Android (smartphones and tablet) based. However, most of the apps are also available for iPhone. For the ones that are not available for iPhone, the class materials will include links to comparable apps in the Apple App Store.  Additionally, the tips we offer can be applied to other services such as Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox.

The tools covered in class are:

  • Google Drive (computer and app implementation)
  • Google Docs (computer and app implementation)
  • Google Calendar (computer and app implementation)
  • Google Keep (computer and app implementation)
  • Google Sheets (computer and app implementation)
  • Chrome Bookmarks (app for tablet or smartphone)
  • Writeometer (app and widget for tablet or smartphone)
  • Google Inbox (app and widget for tablet or smartphone)
  • Tweetdeck (computer implementation)


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