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Authors! 🌟 BIG BANG BUNDLE PACKAGE 🌟 Available ONE DAY ONLY! #authorservices



A 2-Week Book Review Tour

A Social Media Graphics Package

A Newsletter Swap Request

A 1-Month Social Media PR Package

A 1-Week Pinned Post on the Pure Textuality PR Fanpage

Use all of the pieces at once for one title or break the package up and use the individual pieces as needed.
All services purchased may be used immediately or book for future use.

The package has a regular retail value of $350. It’s available today only for $220!




A 2-Week Book Review Tour (Reg. $200)

Got a new title coming soon?  Maybe you have a back list title that needs some more buzz.  Schedule a review tour!  With your review tour, we will schedule at least one blogger review per day, and to help promote it, we will also schedule a one day promotional blitz for the book during the tour window in which the review tour will be spotlighted by other bloggers.

Each review tour features a tour-wide giveaway for a $20 Amazon gift card sponsored by Pure Textuality PR.  Authors have the option to add additional prizes to the giveaway as well.  The mandatory entry point for the giveaway will be to sign up for your newsletter.  Additional entry points will be unlocked once the reader signs up.  At the end of the tour, you will be provided with a csv document to add to your newsletter data base.

When we send out our tour and promo blitz booking, the booking announcements go out to our entire blogger list (along with a social media share request) and it gets posted to Facebook (three profiles, three groups we own, and sixteen book blogger groups), Twitter (added to our regular rotation, which is also pushed to our Facebook fanpage), Google+, and also gets posted to the Pure Textuality PR blog.

On the day of your promo blitz, in addition to the blogger sharing, a spotlight post for your book or series is shared across 130-170 Facebook promo groups (depending on genre), 20+ Google+ Communities for book promo, 12 shares on Twitter with hashtags to bring in retweets, and it’s posted to the Pure Textuality blog, the Pure Textuality PR Blog, and the From Helios to Hollywood blog.  All tweets incorporate the hashtags #iartg, #ian1, #asmsg, and #bookboost (plus #eartg for erotic romance titles) for maximum exposure.  These hashtags routinely get retweeted by authors or book promo related Twitter accounts.


We require at least two weeks booking time for each tour.  More ensures better results, but we require at least two weeks.

For each review tour, we require authors supply us with the following information for promotional purposes:

  • Two 500+ Word Count Excerpts
  • Three 1-2 Line Quotes (For Teasers)
  • Additional Tour Asset Options – To Be Determined by Author:
  • Guests Posts
  • Author Interviews
  • Character Interviews
  • Anything Else You’d Like Us To Include

Check out some of our recent and current tours:


A Social Media Graphics Package (Reg. $120)

All the promo graphics you need for promoting a title on social media!

  • 4 500×500 Square Graphics
  • 5 800×500 Promo Graphics
  • 2 Twitter Headers
  • 2 Facebook Cover Photos


A Newsletter Swap Request (Not Available on Our Menu of Services)

We will send a newsletter swap request out to our author mailing list and it will also be shared in 10+ author groups on Facebook. Even if you don’t have a newsletter, the request will ask the authors to share your book in exchange for a feature in the Pure Textuality PR reader newsletter. If you do have a newsletter and want to share the books as well, the sign ups will be shared with you for reference.


A 1-Month Social Media PR Package (Reg. $20)

Pure Textuality PR offers a Social Media PR Package for authors looking to get a little extra boost for their books with a small budget.

We go through your bookshelf, and for every series or standalone novel, we create 3-5 unique tweets to add to our regular Twitter rotation.  Each Tweet includes a high quality promo graphic, and networking hashtags resulting in lots of reweets from other authors. Our Twitter account tweets once every 45-55 minutes, and our family of bookish followers grows every day.  From there, our Twitter account feeds to our Facebook fanpage automatically, so both audiences are exposed to your books equally.

Additionally, as part of the service, we also include your books in the regular rotation of content for Pure Textuality PR Post, our daily reader newsletter consisting solely of content from PTPR clients (we do not sell space to non-client authors).

Your books are also added to our regular rotation of content to share across approximately 130-170 Facebook book promotions groups (number of groups varies depending upon the genre and pricing of your book), Google+ Communities, and when you have a new release, we send an announcement to our blogger list with a share request, pre-typed/premade posts, and various promotional graphics.

All graphics created for your Social Media PR Package are sent to you (without Pure Textuality PR branding) for use as you wish.  

Check out our current Twitter feed for examples.

Start/end dates of service to be determined by client after purchase. 


A 1-Week Pinned Post on the Pure Textuality PR Fanpage (Reg. $10)

Want to be featured as a pinned post for a week on the Pure Textuality PR Facebook fanpage? This is what you need!  Use it to promote a book, your author fanpage, a giveaway you’re running….whatever you’d like.  Once the post is live, it will be liked by all pages we manage (with permission) and it will be shared in our reader group and on a Facebook profile with almost 5,000 friends, almost all publishing industry related (readers, bloggers, authors, PAs, PR companies, etc.).

Slots are available in one week increments.  After your purchase, you will receive an email to book your start date.



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