Artwork (Book Covers)

One of the most common things indie author are ridiculed for is their cover art.  A great many independent;y published books have cover art which was created in Microsoft Paint and it shows.

Indie author Joseph Lallo wrote a wonderful piece for call Icing on the Cake: The Value of Good Cover Art in which he speaks about the lessons learned in having good cover art.  He started out with generic images and when he had his covers professionally remade, his book sales increase exponentially.

Pure Textuality PR is happy to announce we now offer two different cover artwork services:


Premade Book Covers by Pure Textuality PR – $60-$110

Purchase of a full wrap gets you the following files:

  • Paperback Flat
  • Ebook Cover
  • Title Treatments with Transparent Background
  • Any Promo Graphics You Need
  • A Copy of the Paperback Flat Without the Back Cover or Spine Title Treatments
    *Ideal for author event swag.
  • A Cover Reveal Booked by Pure Textuality PR Using Our Master List of Book Bloggers
    There are 50+ Bloggers on our Master List and we book on top of that.

Pure Textuality PR guarantees that all of our covers comply with US copyright laws and the stock images used have been cleared for commercial use.

Pricing is as follows:
Ebook Only – $60
Ebook & Paperback Flat – $110

See Our Current Catalog of Available Premade Covers

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eBook and Paperback Cover Art by
ShoutLines Design ~ $60 – $85

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Pure Textuality PR has partnered with ShoutLines Design to bring you professionally designed covers at a budget-friendly price.  R.A. Mizer is the lead designer and founder of ShoutLines Design, and with more than thirteen years of experience and an award-winning portfolio, she produces quality work at a low-cost.

As a client referral of Pure Textuality PR, you will receive special discounted pricing not available to the general public:

  • Front Cover Only ~ $60
  • Front Cover and Paperback Flat ~ $85
  • Paperback Flat Only ~ $85

There are some great perks when your cover design is done by ShoutLines Design!  One of these perks is you will receive a link when R.A. Mizer is designing your cover.  The link is a web meeting in which you get a real-time front row seat of R.A. Mizer’s desktop, allowing you to watch her create your cover from scratch.

ShoutLines Design also supplies all the promotional graphics or banners you need at no additional cost!

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If you are interested in securing or if you have any questions about the ShoutLines Design ebook and paperback cover service, please click here to visit our Contact page.