His Reluctant Submissive

Book Cover: His Reluctant Submissive
Part of the Owned series:

I've agreed to be his submissive, but I need him for so much more. I have to get married to keep the fortune my grandfather left me and Corbin Eklund seems to be my only option. As far as options go—he’s not a bad one. Falling in love with him wasn't part of my plan. Neither was running into ghosts from my past. Giving myself to him, body, mind and soul, is my only desire and my salvation.

Avalon Michaels has finally agreed to be my submissive, but I want her for so much more. If I have my way, and I usually do, she will be my wife. I don't care that I've played right into her hands—she’s mine now and that's all that matters. I won't let anyone or anything from her past touch her. I protect what's mine and my wife is at the top of that list.

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