Simply Iressistible

Book Cover: Simply Iressistible
Part of the Crescent Cove series:

I moved back home knowing I'd run into the man who broke my heart 6 years ago, but I'm determined to keep my distance.
Except...he's just as hot as I remember & he wants a second chance...

Cara: I've moved home for good and plan to open a tea shop, raise my four-year-old daughter, and keep the promise I made after losing my husband: no romance. Sure, I'll run into my former best friend--and one-time lover, Roan--but I'm no longer the silly girl who flung herself at him that night after college graduation, only to be told the next morning it was a big mistake.

Roan: Trust has been a hard time coming since my now ex-wife embezzled from me. So, when Cara,the woman who stole my heart in college, moves back to Crescent Cove, I'm determined to keep things platonic. I ruined our friendship when I made a play for her six years ago, and I won't make the same mistake again. But Cara's in-laws sue for custody of her daughter, using pictures of us sharing a kiss. In bed. Really, it was totally innocent. But I've messed things up for her. To help her win the case, I offer her a marriage of convenience.

Cara: Close quarters during our tropical paradise honeymoon in Costa Rica ignites the heat we shared that one night back in college, making it hard to stick to 'just friends'.

Do I dare take a second chance with Roan? Or will he break my heart all over again?

2018 RWA® Golden Heart Finalist - Each book in the Crescent Cove Romance Series can be read out of order and features laugh-out-loud moments, plenty of romance, on-the-page heat, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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