Some Like It Scot

Book Cover: Some Like It Scot
Part of the Crescent Cove series:

I'm taking a break from dating.
He's determined to date me.
Add a kilt and a Scottish accent,
and let the Highland Games begin.

Lark: After my jerky, now ex-boyfriend leaves me with an empty fridge and a maxed-out credit card, I'm determined to stay away from irresponsible men. If I need romance, I'll find it in my favorite historical Highlander romance novels. So, when gorgeous Dag Ross--the local Mr. Irresponsible--asks me out, I turn him down.

Dag: During the day, I lounge in bed or work as a part-time handyman for my best friend. At night, and under a secret pen name, I write wildly popular romance novels featuring a brawny, sword-wielding Scotsman named Duncan Magnus Ferguson MacLeod. Since I know true love doesn't exist outside of fiction, I'm blindsided when I meet Lark. And when I see her with her favorite romance novel--my novel--and she hints she'll date a hero like Duncan, I take on her Highlander wooing challenge.

Lark: Who would've thought Dag dressed in a kilt, spouting Scottish phrases could be Keeping him at arms-length is getting harder by the minute. I'm worried if I let him in, he'll hurt me like my jerky ex.

But if I push him away, will I lose my chance at a happily ever after?

The Crescent Cove Romance Series features laugh-out-loud moments, plenty of swoony romance, on-the-page heat, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Each book in the series is standalone and can be read out of order.

Publisher: Marty Mayberry

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