Too Hard to Resist

Book Cover: Too Hard to Resist
Part of the Wherever You Go series:
  • Too Hard to Resist

One rookie assistant + one demanding executive = flirting that is too hot to handle.

Have you ever wished for the perfect job? Me, too. So when I land a temporary gig with a worthwhile and exemplary startup, I'm determined to make it permanent. That my boss is the gorgeous, clever Elliot Sax is nothing I can't handle. We may steal glances at each other and straddle the line of playing it safe, but our partnership is too important for complications. Not to mention workplace hookups are against the rules.

But when our attraction flames hotter, our best efforts are put to the test. I never imagined having to fight my feelings for him on a daily basis and keeping my hands to myself is absolutely killing me.

Until I can't. Until we can't. And what's at stake becomes more than our jobs. What's at risk is our hearts.

Each book in the Wherever You Go series is STANDALONE.





“Hey,” Madison’s gentle tone is music to my ears after the phone call I finished with Drake a few minutes ago. I lift my head from my computer to see what’s up as she slips all the way into my office. “I just emailed you the final trending forecast for Indonesia and Rwanda, so if that’s all, I’m going to head home now.”

I glance at the time. Jesus. It’s nine o’clock. I kept her late because James has been breathing down my neck about the expansion project. She’s been amazing helping with it, her contact in Indonesia a big plus.

“Okay. Thanks, Mads. I really appreciate all your help. Good night.” Damn it. I quickly drop my gaze. It’s the first time I’ve slipped and called her Mads in a while. Ever since we got back from Tahoe a little over a week ago, we’ve been nothing but appropriate with each other.


It hasn’t been easy.

Every time I look at her, I feel connected to her beauty and intelligence in a way I’ve never felt before, and I tell myself in order to keep her, I have to let her go.

“You should head home, too,” she says, taking the chair across my desk and drawing my helpless gaze, because there is nothing I’d rather rest my tired eyes on than her. “You’ve been working late every night.”

I reach over my shoulder and rub the knots there. “Some weeks are like that.”

“Is there anything else I can do so you get out of here quicker?”

“No. You’ve done enough. Thanks for the extra hours you’ve put in.” It hasn’t been a hardship working late when Madison is on the other side of the glass wall.

“Thanks for trusting me with so much responsibility. I’ve learned a lot from you.”

“We make a good team.”

“We do.” She stands and moves around my desk toward me.

In typical pulse-pounding fashion, my heart beats a little faster. What is she doing?

“Friend to friend, let me at least help with that?” She lifts my hand out of the way and starts massaging my upper back and shoulders.

I’m an idiot, because no way in hell am I about to refuse a massage from her. I don’t tell her no, that’s okay. Instead, I drop my chin and let my head loll forward. She did put us in the friend zone.

She kneads my muscles with perfect pressure, using the heel of her hands and fingers in flawless coordination. Add back massage to her list of extraordinary qualities. It feels so good that when I sigh in total surrender, I don’t give a shit.

“You’re really tight,” she says.

I’d like to find out how tight she is.

“I’ve been told I carry my stress there.”

“I think a lot of us do.” She digs a little deeper. I had no idea her small, delicate hands contained so much power.

“Feel free to stop as soon as you get tired.”

Her hands still. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Not even a little.”





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