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Authors! Interest form launched for a Dec 2018 Romance Book Box!

Pure Textuality PR is considering putting together a reader gift box just in time for the holidays. However, we don’t want to open the product page until we know the box will have a good amount of content. Therefore, if you’re a romance author and you’re interested in somehow being featured in the box, please fill out the interest form below. This will allow us to see if it’s worth launching before anyone pays a dime for anything. Below we have broken out the details for the different options for participating in the box.

IMPORTANT NOTE | Please only fill out the form if you are serious about sponsoring an item or paperback in the romance book box. The interest form will close out on October 25th and when we make the sponsorship product page live, those who fill out the interest form will be given a 24 head start to reserve their sponsorship before we make the sponsorship opportunities available to the publishing community at large.


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AUTHORS! Last Chance to Get 50% Off Blog Tours! Plus, Content For Your Blog!

Good evening, writers! 

  • LAST CHANCE! Blog Tours are on sale for 50% off! We’re running a sale for the next few days to fill up our October, November, and December tour calendars. Get a 1-week tour for $50 or a 2-week tour for $100. Buy what you need or stock up and bank the services for future use. Sale ends tomorrow!

  • We have a few new openings for our Social Media PR Packages. These packages start at just $20.

  • CONTENT FOR YOUR BLOG –  We have a bunch of new blog tours booking. If you’re looking for content for your author blog, consider signing up to participate in one of our blog tours. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog!


Got a new title coming soon?  Maybe you have a back list title that needs some more buzz.  Schedule a review tour!  With your review tour, we will schedule at least one blogger review per day, and to help promote it, we will also schedule a one day promotional blitz for the book during the tour window in which the review tour will be spotlighted by other bloggers.



Pure Textuality PR is launching a contemporary romance anthology series on February 12, 2019 called SEDUCTIVE.  The same day each anthology volume goes live, the respective anthology will also go live in paperback or all of the individual stories in the anthology will also go live as paperbacks (depending on the final page count).



Pure Textuality PR offers a Social Media PR Package for authors looking to get a little extra boost for their books within the confines of a small budget.



Click on a tour banner to sign up. Should you have any questions about how it works, use the chat bubble in the bottom left corner to ask us, and we will be happy to help you out.  🙂


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Authors – Urgent News – 2 Pkgs Just Opened! Limited Availability!

Good evening.

With Autumn comes contract renewal time here at Pure Textuality PR, and this year, we’ve had two Unlimited PR Package authors who have chosen not to renew. This allows us the opportunity to either take on two new authors or one publishing imprint.

Of our services, the Unlimited PR Package gets you the most bang for your buck. Unlimited PR Package clients have unlimited use of our PR services for the duration of the package they purchase. This includes unlimited blog tours, cover reveals, blitzes, newsletter listings with authors of the same genre, custom made book swag, and much more. Contracts are available in 3, 6, or 12 month increments and can be purchased as a one-time contract, or you may request that we automatically invoice you upon renewal time.

An important note, we do not require exclusivity. Meaning if you’re a big fan of stacked promotions through multiple avenues, an Unlimited PR Package does not prevent you from being able to use other companies to promote at the same time. While we work very hard for our clients to provide them with the best possible service, we also understand that diversity in your marketing profile is important for anyone’s success.

Below you will find a list of a few of our current and past clients (the last bullet point is to a longer list on our website). Additionally, below you will also find a little bit more detailed info about our Unlimited PR Package.

The spaces available won’t last, so if you’re thinking about purchasing one of the packages but have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you for your time!

Have a heavy release schedule coming up? Or maybe you’re just ready to go on a promotion binge in an attempt to boost sales of your back list. Pure Textuality PR is now offering an Unlimited PR package for just such circumstances.  For the duration of your package, you have unlimited use of our PR services.


PRICING – Per Author
3 months for $870  |  6 months for $1690  |  1 Year for $3200

PRICING – Per Publishing Imprint
3 months for $1375  |  6 months for $2600  |  1 Year for $4900


Current and Past Clients

♥ = Current Unlimited PR Package Clients  |  ♦ = Regular Clients

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Amber Lynn Natusch 
  • Avon Romance (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishing) 
  • Entangled Publishing (Romance Publisher with 13 Imprints) 
  • Amazon Bestselling Author Sarah Fine 
  • Sci Fi & Fantasy Author Ricardo Alexanders 
  • Paranormal Romance Author Brandy Dorsch 
  • NY TimesWall Street Journal, & USA Today Bestselling Author Jasmine Walt 
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Debbie Cassidy 
  • Romance Author Elodie Colt 
  • Amazon Bestselling Author Felicia Starr 
  • Amazon Bestselling Author Emily Cyr 
  • Amazon Bestselling Author Kendall Grey
  • Many, many more!

Payment Options: Should you decide to purchase an Unlimited PR Package, you may do so through our website (authors here and imprints here) using a credit card or PayPal, or if you prefer to have an invoice sent, we can generate an invoice through PayPal which can be paid via all of their normal payment options or by check sent through the mail (package begins after the check has cleared our account).

Want More Information?


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ATTN WRITERS! Join Our Wattpad Flash Fiction Challenge! Request Your FREE Cover Today!


Challenge might be the wrong word but it sounded better than “exercise thingy”. Each week, we will post a writing prompt, dialog line, or story starter out on our blog (it will also be included in the weekly author newsletter). Participating authors will then have the week to post a piece of flash fiction based on the provided prompt to their Wattpad profile.

The purpose of the challenge is to give writers a fun, weekly routine exercise to keep their writer brain fresh, even if they’re not currently working on a book. No one is judging the content of the flash fiction. The challenge is simply being created as something that can be done as a community. Participation is FREE.  No fees. No gimmicks. Just writing for fun.

At the end of each year, there will be prizes for certain markers, such as highest number of reads, highest number of likes, most weekly challenges completed, etc. Tied participants will be entered into and the prize winner will be chosen using their list randomizer tool.



Your flash fiction must be 200 or more words in length. Each participant will create a new work on Wattpad called Flash Fiction Challenge using challenge cover Pure Textuality PR provides. Each weekly challenge gets published as a new part in that work. Each year, we will provide participants with a new cover customized with their name.



This will be a weekly challenge we post indefinitely. The challenge covers have the appearance of a composition notebook and each year, the color of the notebook will change. For instance, 2018’s cover is shown in the banner above and the color is burgundy. 2019 will be marked as 2019 – Volume II and will be a different color.



Not a big deal. The only thing affected by missing a week is the fewer you participate in, the lower your chances of winning the prize for most weeks participated. No one gets disqualified or booted from the challenge if they miss a week. 🙂




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WRITERS WANTED! Articles wanted for the first issue of Dirty Halos Monthly!

Pure Textuality PR is currently seeking writers for two articles to be in the first issue of Dirty Halos Monthly, a monthly emagazine dedicated to the book world, readers and authors alike. We’re looking to exchange a half, quarter, or full page (your choice) for your time and work.

Below are the article titles, taglines, and a description of what we’re looking for. The drop dead date to have the finished article to me would be August 25th (although as soon as possible would be preferable).

All articles will require final editorial approval by Pure Textuality PR. We reserve the right to require edits before accepting a final piece, and we reserve the right to refuse a final story if it does not jive with our mission for the magazine.

If you’re interested, drop us an email at or send us a live chat message right on our website and we’ll chat more detail.


COCKYGATE – The First Shot in the War Over Common Use Words 

THIS IS NOT TO BE A FALEENA HOPKINS BASHFEST. What we’re looking for is the piece to be an objectively written look at why this is such a huge issue for writers – the potential litigious impact, the financial and social impact of rebranding, and what it could mean for the future of self-publishing. I’d like the piece to look at what TMing a “common use” word means as well.


[AS YET UNTITLED] – Writing Romance in the Age of #MeToo

This one would be for romance writers in particular. I want to get the prospective of someone writing romance in the #MeToo era. What’s it like to write an alpha male knowing that a lot of “alpha” behaviors would no longer be tolerated in real life? Has the #MeToo movement changed the way you write your love stories?

Please feel free to share this with any writers you think might be interested.

P.S. – Here’s a sneak peek at the cover of issue #1.

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Authors! If you write Contemporary Romance, we’re looking for you!

Good afternoon!

We’re still looking for contemporary romance authors for this 2019 publishing project.  🙂

We still have plenty of room in the SEDUCTIVE Anthology Series coming in February 2019 (only 5 of the 30 open spots have been taken!) and we’re looking to spread the word. If you have friends who might be interested in participating, please consider sharing  this email with them (sharing buttons are in the footer). This email lays out the full details of the project, including the marketing plan for audience expansion (which is detailed but a super-important part of the project), but here’s a short list of the highlights.  


  • Registration Fee: $90
  • Word Count: 20k Min (no max)
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance (erotic okay)
  • Must Be An Original Work (previously unpublished)
  • Story Deadline:  Edited story due by February 1, 2019
  • Main Goal: Organic Audience Expansion
  • Secondary Goal: Income

Please help us spread the word. 🙂

Thank you all so much!!!!!!  <3 


Pure Textuality PR is launching a contemporary romance anthology series on February 12, 2019 called SEDUCTIVE.  The same day each anthology volume goes live, the respective anthology will also go live in paperback or all of the individual stories in the anthology will also go live as paperbacks (depending on the final page count).



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Authors! 🌟 FREE Advertising Opp 🌟 Dirty Halos Monthly PLUS! The Bundle Blowout Sale is Still On!!!!

Good evening, everyone!

On September 1st, Pure Textuality PR is launching an e-magazine for the book world. We’re aiming to make it a monthly publication with a mix of content approached in a way that anyone can read and enjoy it, instead of it feeling like an industry publication. There will be something in it for everyone.

Since the first issue is going to be free, we’re unable to pay our contributors. However, we’re also not charging advertisers. So we have come up with a way to fill the pages that would benefit all parties involved.

Here is a mock up of the cover for September 2018:


  • New Releases
  • Interviews
  • Cover Reveals
  • Excerpt Reveals
  • Opinion & Editorial (Op Ed) Pieces
  • Full, 1/2, and 1/4 Page Books Ads
  • Instagram Photo Challenges
  • Event Advertisements
  • Event Registrations
  • Service Provider Ads
  • Classifieds (Authors Seeking Service Providers)
  • Calls for Reviewers
  • Book Blogger Tour Bookings
  • And Much More!



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AUTHORS! FREE Promo Opp for Kindle Unlimited Authors!

Good morning and Happy Sunday, ladies and germs!

I’m looking for the Kindle Unlimited writers in the room.

Pure Textuality PR is launching a series of Saturday newsletters, all genre specific, all Kindle Unlimited books (price point doesn’t matter). Our goal with the newsletter is KindleUnlimited Free Trial sign ups and your books will be spotlighted as examples of the books available in the program. Each issue has 30 spots available and depending on the success of the campaigns, we may make this a regular thing every Saturday.

If you’re not familiar with BookBoast, it’s a newsletter listing website for authors. You can accept swaps in your newsletter and place requests to have you books listed in other authors’ newsletters. A free account allows you 10 acceptances per month, and you can upgrade your account from there if you need more. For example, for $10/month, you have unlimited acceptances and a bunch of other perks including the use of your own Amazon affiliate links.

The links to the newsletter sign ups are below with the schedule. As I said, this is a trial run but this may very well become a permanently free promo opp we offer.

Also, if you sign up for a BookBoast account, they do have a referral program available to get your monthly bill discounted if you use a paid account. I am *not* using referral links below, I just thought that was info some of you might be interested in.

July 7th – Paranormal Romance KU Reads – REQUEST A SPOT

July 14th – Contemporary Romance KU Reads – REQUEST A SPOT

July 21st – SciFi & SciFi Romance KU Reads – REQUEST A SPOT

July 28th – Urban Fantasy & Supernatural Suspense – REQUEST A SPOT

We’re also going to be doing our Freebie Reads bookings exclusively through BookBoast soon. We used to use the service and recently returned to it while taking care of some tasks for a client and decided to give it a try again. I’ve specifically been using it for my own books and out of the requests I’ve sent, I’ve had a really good response so far.  🙂

Okay, I’m off. Enjoy the upcoming holiday!