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Pure Textuality PR now offers organization of HeadTalker campaigns.  For $10, we will put together and promote your campaign to get as much exposure as possible.


How It Works

HeadTalker is a website where you create a campaign to be spread across social media.  Your campaign message is typed up ahead of time and scheduled to go out on a specific date at a specific time.

People then go to your listing and pledge their support.  By supporting the campaign, they allow their own social media accounts to authorize HeadTalker to post the campaign message on the designated date and time.

For every person who supports your campaign, the number of followers their social media account has is added to the social reach count of your campaign.

The goal is to accrue as many supporters as possible and have your message flooded across social media all at once.  This can be a great way to promote a sale on a title or to just get word out about the existence of your book.  It’s a quick, painless way for readers to support authors, and a perfect way to boost the online signal for your book.

With no participation from the publisher or author, the average social reach on a campaign at it’s end date is approximately 1,000,000.

If you would like to secure this service, please go to the Contact page and fill out the service request form.