Open Submissions

We do not currently have any open submissions.  However, below you will find a list of our upcoming projects.  If you’d like to stay up to date on all our latest submission opportunities, please join our author mailing list.


*Untitled* – 2017 Charity Project 

For the 2017 charity project, we’ve chosen to organize and publish an adult urban fantasy / paranormal romance themed ebook boxed set.  100% of the net proceeds will go to benefit the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.   The genre was chosen because who doesn’t automatically think of sexy vampires when they hear the name Ian Somerhalder?  

UPDATE:  8/4/2016 – We cannot open submissions yet, because it looks like we may be forced to find a different charity for our 2017 project.  The terms listed on the ISF website for what qualifies as a fundraising project states that they will not support “Ideas that market, advertise or promote products or services”.  As an ebook boxed set is technically a product, they may not be a charity we can work with, at least not in this capacity.  As I said, the rules are a little foggy, so I have emailed them, and I’m currently waiting to hear back.  Once I do, we will confirm whether or not this project is moving forward with ISF.  If we find out they will not support it, we will still move forward with the boxed set, it will just be a different charity we donate to (to be announced).  With that being said, the terms of the boxed set are listed below, so you can start thinking about the story you want to submit now.  🙂  
– Jena Gregoire  
Pure Textuality PR, Owner

100% of the net proceeds will go to benefit the charity specified [PENDING APPROVAL FROM ISF].  Stories must be between 20,000 and 30,000 words.  All stories must be original, unpublished content, and the story may not be used anywhere else (this boxed set will be available indefinitely).  As this is a charity project, donations will be accepted to help fund the cost of additional advertising.  Donors will be assigned a number (confirmed back to the donor by email) and all donations (listed by donor number for anonymity) and advertising costs will be available to the public for the purposes of transparency.  Cover art, marketing services, and formatting will be donated by Pure Textuality PR.  Submissions must be professionally edited, and editors name and website URL must be provided with submission (editor will be credited).  All submissions must be accompanied by a signed Affirmation Statement (printable form link coming soon), which states you swear none of your story content is plagiarized, and you accept full legal responsibility should any allegations be made against your story.  This is non-negotiable.  Any authors who submit stories without their signed statement will be emailed once as a reminder.  They will have 10 days to respond with the requirement.  If no response is received, the story will be declined.  All terms listed here will be included in the affirmation statement.  Due to recent events in our industry, we feel this is now a necessary step to protect both Pure Textuality PR as the publisher and the author submitting the story.  Submissions will open October 1, 2016.  Submission deadline is January 31, 2017 (no extensions).  Publication date is March 14, 2017.  Cover reveal date to be announced.  


The Indie Community Sampler

*Details Coming Soon!*