Our Staff

jena newJena Gregoire 

Founder of the Pure Textuality Family

Jena is the wearer of many hats on the team:  Chief Editor, Reviewer, Personal Assistant, Publicist, Web Designer, and Webmaster.  Jena is also one of the swag designers.  Aside from Pure Textuality PR, Jena is also bestselling urban fantasy and paranormal romance author J.M. Gregoire.  In addition to doing her own marketing for her writing career, Jena has an extensive background in management and public relations in the indie music industry.

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Heather PicHeather Felder
Publicist, Personal Assistant

Heather is the newest addition to our staff, and with her extensive background in management and public relations in the indie music industry, she was a perfect candidate.  Heather is an avid reader of many genres, and when combined with her unique style and mad organizational skills, she’s makes a wonderful publicist and personal assistant.

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Dubo ReplacementDubo Stone

Office Assistant & Swag Master

Dubo is a brand new member of our staff, and currently, her job consists of doing whatever random thing needs doing, and serving as a PA for authors.  Dubo has worked at Pure Textuality PR events for the last two years as a volunteer.  She is also now one of our in-house swag designers.  Dubo passes her time writing poetry and she is also working on her debut fantasy novel.

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Mel ReplacementMel Allard

Office Assistant, Designer in Training

Mel is another brand new member of our staff.  She’s currently training with Jena on how to build WordPress sites, and she also taking classes for graphic design to eventually become a professional cover artist.  Her current duties include scheduling reviews and various administrative tasks.  Mel is an artist at heart and a writer besides.  She’s currently working on her debut horror novel.

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