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Pure Textuality PR offers a Social Media PR Package for authors looking to get a little extra boost for their books within the confines of a small budget.



Pure Textuality PR offers a Social Media PR Package for authors looking to get a little extra boost for their books with a small budget.


  • 1-Month Social Media PR Package – $20
  • 3-Month Social Media PR Package – $45
  • 6-Month Social Media PR Package – $70
  • 1-Year Social Media PR Package – $110

When you sign up for our Social Media PR Package, we go through your bookshelf, and for every series or standalone novel, we create 3-5 unique tweets to add to our regular Twitter rotation.  Each Tweet includes a high quality promo graphic, and networking hashtags resulting in lots of reweets from other authors. Our Twitter account tweets once every 45-55 minutes, and our family of bookish followers grows every day.  From there, our Twitter account feeds to our Facebook fanpage automatically, so both audiences are exposed to your books equally.

Additionally, as part of the service, we also include your books in the regular rotation of content for Pure Textuality PR Post, our daily reader newsletter consisting solely of content from PTPR clients (we do not sell space to non-client authors).

Your books are also added to our regular rotation of content to share across approximately 130-170 Facebook book promotions groups (number of groups varies depending upon the genre and pricing of your book), Google+ Communities, and when you have a new release, we send an announcement to our blogger list with a share request, pre-typed/premade posts, and various promotional graphics.

All graphics created for your Social Media PR Package are sent to you (without Pure Textuality PR branding) for use as you wish.  

Check out our current Twitter feed for examples.

Start/end dates of service to be determined by client after purchase. Months must be consecutive.

Additional information

Social Media PR Package Duration

1 Month (+ a Bonus Month) – $20, 3 Months (+ 3 Bonus Months) – $45, 6 Months (+ 6 Bonus Months) – $70, 12 Months (+ 12 Bonus Months) – $110


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