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Have a Twitter account to promote your books, but you're not really sure what to do with it?  Let us help you out!  Subscribe today and watch your audience grow!

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Have a Twitter account to promote your books, but you’re not really sure what to do with it?  Let us help you out!

We will set up a varied selection of tweets we run automatically.  These tweets are tailor made for your target audience.  Bookworm memes, artwork for your genre, and we offer the option of incorporating pop culture tweets (for audience cross promotion).  All tweets are accompanied by the appropriate hashtags to encourage retweets for expanded social reach.

Your account will be scheduled to have a tweet from your database go live once every 45-55 minutes to ensure your account has a steady stream of content.  However, our account management does not stop you from tweeting at will.

Additionally, should you want to take advantage of the content stream, we will also supply you with the instructions for setting up your account to automatically push your tweets to your Facebook fanpage.  This does not place limitations on your ability to post to your fanpage at will.

Within days of taking over your Twitter account management, you will begin to see your audience grow organically and without the aid of annoying #followback chain posts.  The new followers will be that of your target audience-readers, book bloggers, and those interested in your genre.  For the duration of your subscription. on the first of each month, you will be supplied with a snapshot of your growth.

Subscribe today and watch your audience grow!

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to manage your Twitter account, it requires that you give Pure Textuality PR staff your username and password.  This information is always treated as personal and confidential, and the information will never be shared, sold, rented or otherwise distributed by Pure Textuality PR.

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Monthly – $30/Month, Quarterly – $81 ($27/Month), Semi-Annual – $150 ($25/Month), Annual – $276 ($23/month)