REVIEW by Ginny: The January Offerings from Harlequin Kiss (@MiraLynKelly , @ReadNikkiLogan , @BooksByKimberly )

So Harlequin has a new series: Harlequin Kiss.  See the press statement from Harlequin (because it’s too fucking early for me to think of something witty)

A NEW contemporary romance series from Harlequin with books launching January 22, 2013!

Four stories every month of fun, flirty and sensual romances that you will love!

If you think of flirting as an art form, Harlequin KISS stories are all about the delirium of a potential new romance – where fun-loving heroines and irresistible heroes just can’t get enough of each other.

So every month you get four new contemporary romances, each 200 pages (or 50,000 words) with varying degrees of physical contact- and descriptions of said contact.  I know, because I looked up requirements of submitting a story.  But more on that later.  Like in another post later.

Since they’re being released as a set, I thought it would be a lark to review them all together.  Looking back, I can’t decide if that’s as clever as I thought it was last night, but I’m going with it anyways.

(Ginny’s note: Now that this is written, it’s a hella long post.  You should probably take a potty break now.  And maybe get some snacks.  A nap wouldn’t be a bad idea either.)

Let’s start with the book that… well… started it all.  The one that’s free on Amazon Kindle.  I was able to preorder it, but I didn’t want to wait.  So I went over to Netgalley and requested everything in the series.  And got access to all of them the day “Waking Up Married” was released.


Well not really.  I mean, I did get four fun quirky romances.  I just had to wait for them.  And I seriously hate waiting.

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