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Dr. Jen Stone, MD. Emergency medicine doctor. Fledgling mage.

Living in Minneapolis and friends with a powerful mage, I’m one of the few non-magical people who knows about the magical world. I stayed on the periphery, preferring to work my shifts in the ER helping people. Until one of those patients is a vampire.

Saving him brings me deeper into a world my friend tried to keep me from—and draws me closer to a gorgeous intern with a secretive past.

It turns out I might have some magical talent of my own, but I have to master it quickly if I want to survive. Assisted by powerful dark mages, surrounded by vampires, I’m faced with an attack that seems anything but magical. I’ve got to figure out what’s happening and why before I become trapped by the vampires. The more I learn, the more dangerous it is for me, and the less I can trust those around me.

Somehow, a fledgling hedge mage like myself might be the only one to stop what’s happening, but will I be able to learn enough magic to save my life?




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New Release! Check out THE SILVER CHALICE by SA Magnusson!

The Veil should protect our world from the dangers on the other side.

Now that I’ve negotiated my safety with the fae, I should be safe—even when crossing to the other side of the Veil. Protected by the strange magic in the Taker of Spells, I no longer worry as I once did.

When alerted to power moving along one of the ley lines and forced to uncover the cause, I’m once again pitted against the fae. Struggling to stay a step ahead means discovering more about the chalice, but those who might know are the same ones chasing me.

Not only the fae want it. Others with dangerous power come after me to take it from me. As I learn what the chalice can do, I begin to understand that no one should have that kind of power.

The Taker of Spells can’t destroy it. I can’t return it. And I’m struggling to keep ahead of everyone after it.


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