Romance Writers! ⭐ 2020 Novella Series Registration Now Open!

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Pure Textuality PR is organizing a series of novella sets for the purposes of cross-promotion with other authors in #Romancelandia. Each series has 10 spaces available at $100.00 for each novella (please note we will not be adding spaces at a later date). Royalties are paid directly to you by Amazon and your registration fee covers everything from the cover and formatting to a full marketing package which includes physical marketing materials.

Registrations are first come, first served and registration fees are non-refundable. This is a Pure Textuality PR project funded by a bare minimum registration, not for the purposes of a large profit margin. Registration fees pay for the time of the staff needed to prepare everything for publication, the cost of cover stock and art, the giveaway prizes, and more.

We have 4 romance novella sets available for registration right now:

  • Dark Hearts Series Adult Paranormal
  • Steamy Essentials Series Adult Steamy Contemporary
  • Hearts Afire Series New Adult Fantasy
  • Sweethearts & Soulmates Series Sweet/Clean Contemporary


Length – 25,000 – 30,000 words

Publication History Requirement – An original story (previously unpublished) is not required for any of these novella series. However, for the best sales results, new content is preferred.


The shelf life of your novella is up to you. We only require that it be available as part of the romance novella series for a period of 6 months. After that 6 month period is over, you may unpublish your story, leave it as is, or rebrand and republish it. As long as it’s presented as part of the series (with your PTPR supplied cover), it will continually be promoted by Pure Textuality PR.

Each series will have the same timeline of due dates:

DUE DATE #1) Your finished novella must be submitted to Pure Textuality PR for ebook formatting, paperback formatting, and paperback flat (cover) adjustments at least 70 days prior to publication.

DUE DATE #2) This due date is actually ours. Your publication ready files will be returned to you by Pure Textuality PR within 5 days of receipt.

DUE DATE #3) Your book must be uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing 60 days prior to publication for preorder period promotion (to boost your release day ranking and help catch the eyes of readers surfing the Amazon charts for their next read).

Publication dates are as follows:

      • Dark Hearts Series – October 1, 2020
      • Steamy Essentials Series – September 1, 2020
      • Hearts Afire Series – August 1, 2020
      • Sweethearts & Soulmates Series – July 1, 2020

Please be advised that the cost of editing your novella is not part of this package. Final novellas submitted for formatting must be professionally edited prior to submission. If you are in need of an editor, Pure Textuality PR can recommend several editors with reasonable rates. However, editing is not a service PTPR provides. We leave that to the folks who know what they’re doing with a red pen.

Covers will be revealed to the participating authors in January 2020 and revealed to the public in May 2020. Pure Textuality PR will be submitting each series cover reveal to USA Today’s HEA Book Blog for coverage. If they choose to do an exclusive cover reveal, that will be our outlet. If they pass, Pure Textuality PR will organize a mass series cover reveal through our network of awesome book bloggers.


When the time comes, you will publish your novella yourself. Pure Textuality PR will supply you with everything you need. You’ll simply upload the files by the designated date. This allows Amazon to pay the royalties directly to you. For the purposes of promotion, you’ll list SEDUCTIVE Reads as a co-author but there will be no split royalty arrangement. Your royalties are 100% yours.


The price of your novella is ultimately up to you. However, we are recommending a list price of $1.99 each due the story length.

All 4 romance novella series must be enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited (KDP Select) program for 6 months. This means your story can’t be available anywhere else (individual ebooks or in a boxed set or anthology). This violates the terms of the Kindle Unlimited program. After the initial 6 months, your book may be removed from the program.


When you register for one of the novella sets, Pure Textuality PR will supply the following for your novella publication and marketing needs:

      • Ebook & Print Cover
      • Ebook & Print Formatting
      • 50 6”x9” Book Cover Postcards
        (& Digital Files for Your Personal Reorder)
      • 3D Renderings of the Book
        (paperback, hardcover, ereader, and composite)
      • 3 Facebook Fanpage Cover Photo
        (1 for the Series & 2 for Your Book – 1 for Pre-Release, 1 for Post Release)
      • 3 Facebook Group Cover Photo
        (1 for the Series & 2 for Your Book – 1 for Pre-Release, 1 for Post Release)
      • 3 Twitter Header Banners
        (1 for the Series & 2 for Your Book – 1 for Pre-Release, 1 for Post Release)
      • 3 Instagram Sharing Graphics
        (1 for the Series & 2 for Your Book – 1 for Pre-Release, 1 for Post Release)
      • 3 Strip Ads for Your Newsletter
        (1 for the Series & 2 for Your Book – 1 for Pre-Release, 1 for Post Release)


Earlier this year, Pure Textuality PR launched a sister book blog called SEDUCTIVE Reads, but the blog served a secondary purpose: to promote the SEDUCTIVE Anthology. Now that the initial promotion of the anthology is over, instead of closing down the website, we decided to keep it open and make it a hub for all the romance anthologies, boxed sets, and novella series we publish.

For each of the novella series, a page will be created on the SEDUCTIVE Reads website which includes the book’s blurb, cover, Amazon purchase link, and the author’s critical links (newsletter, website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, BookBub, and/or Amazon).

Three months prior to the release of your novella series, Pure Textuality PR will begin intense promotion of the set in an effort to amp up release day buzz. This will include submitting the series to USA Today’s HEA Book Blog for a spotlight and much more.

The release promotion will include a 60-day giveaway for a $200 Amazon gift card (sponsored by Pure Textuality PR) and book blogger promotion (the booking for blogger participation will begin 60 days prior to publication). The giveaway will be devised to drive promotion of the series and to grow your audience. The initial entry point will be to sign up for the participating authors’ newsletter mailing lists. When the giveaway ends, the 10 participating authors will receive a CSV file containing their new subscribers. Additional entry options will be available which includes following the participating authors on social media, sharing the series Amazon link on social media, and sharing the giveaway on social media.

All participating authors will be supplied with promotional materials for their own sharing including pre-typed social media posts and premade HTML blog posts.


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