REVIEW by Jen: Vampires of the Shield by Jan Dockter

Cade is a vampire, whose wife was a witch, but because of the witch trials kept a very low profile. Thinking she was alone, she cast a spell on the broken leg of a baby deer. Unfortunately, a woodsman saw her and turned her in. She was sentenced to death for witchcraft and Cade spent the next two hundred years wiping out every descendant of every judge that was on that trial.

Knowing he would never love again, his heart broken, Cade went to the new world to die a self-imposed vampires death called going under. Finding the perfect cave in Yellowstone he went under, thinking he would never watch another moon lit night. He was surprised to be awoken by the screams of a woman in trouble. Several hundred years had gone by. So many things had changed while he was asleep, but the one thing that remained the same was the desire of a beautiful woman. Who was this woman and what does she mean to Cade? When he finds out will he still want her or want to destroy her?



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